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"Republicans are gonna lose the House if they pass amnesty. Even if Obama doesn't sign it. If they pass an immigration bill that's got anything like amnesty or path to citizenship in it, they're gonna lose the House."

"Obamacare's an absolute disaster. The president can go out and make as many speeches as he wants. He can go out and try to create lies and false premises and pictures of it, but it is a disaster."

"I think the Democrats hold on the Senate is really tenuous and there are a lot of Democrats up for reelection who are scared to death about their previous votes and positions, and they want nothing to do with Obamacare and they want nothing to do with Obama."

"The sun is shining a little brighter today in places where it's shining, and the world's a little warmer today in places where it's been cold, and the country is a little friendlier today in places where people have been mean. The reason is, Henry 'Nostrilitis' Waxman has announced his retirement from the House of Representatives."

"Something is going on out there that is 180 degrees different than what has been the normal day-to-day narrative in the media. I think there's another thing that's happened that explains this, and it is that the State of the Coup speech didn't save any bacon. In fact, Democrats just got angrier, let down, depressed or what have you."

"We normally doubt pretty much everything comes out of the Drive-By Media, and I'm just saying continue to do so."

"Larry King was being interviewed by somebody at the Huffing and Puffington Post. And Larry King said, 'Yeah, they got real trouble at CNN. What they ought to do is just run SpongeBob all day and break in for important breaking news.'"

"Most journalists do their jobs for other journalists."

"People in the millions are losing their health insurance, and, to them, it's a deeply personal thing. It is, maybe, in a lot of people's lives, the most important thing. It's related to their lives; it's related to staying alive."

"Health care alone, Obamacare alone -- the utter disaster that it is -- is huge. The Democrats are on the verge of a big loss. They could lose six or seven seats, and if that happens, the Republicans pick up the Senate"

"We are into our 26th year of action. Obama just started his first. Well, at the State of the Coup speech he said, "Let's make this a year of action." Well, it's a day late and a dollar short 'cause we are into our 26th year of action."

"Nobody is going to re-illegalize people that have been legalized if border security goals are not met. How's that gonna happen? We can't even run a website for health care."


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