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Again: Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected
RUSH: You got jobless news today, and it came in way worse than anybody thought, but it just means that the labor market is solidifying.  Right here, from Reuters: "Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected -- [B]ut the underlying trend suggested the labor market continued to heal." Absolute, total disconnection from reality fact. 


RUSH: "Jobless Claims Rise More Than Expected." Our old buddies at Reuters here, and this is classic.  "The number of Americans," and it's significant, "filing new claims for unemployment benefits rose more than expected --"  It's always more than expected.  "-- but the underlying trend suggested the labor market continued to heal."

Let's see, what are the numbers?  It's in the 300,000s.  There's a 20,000 claim difference in what was expected and what's real.  There are 20,000 more unemployment insurance claims than were expected, but that suggests that the underlying trend is that the job market's continuing to heal.  Now, how is that possible?  How can more people losing their jobs suggest that the underlying trend shows that labor market is continuing to heal?  And they do it with some made-up, phony news that's ridiculous.  It's becoming a joke-filled embarrassment to watch either the AP or Reuters report the job news. 

Experts Warn of "Caffeine Use Disorder"
RUSH: There's another health story: "Experts Warn of 'Caffeine Use Disorder.'" Years ago caffeine was gonna give you a heart attack, hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis, it was gonna give you Alzheimer's, and then they said, "You know what?  We're wrong.  Actually there's some magical cures from caffeine.  No more Parkinson's, if you drink a lot of caffeine, a lot of coffee. Your blood pressure will go down."  Now they're back.  "Experts Warn of 'Caffeine Use Disorder.'" I tell, what. I want to change the headline. 

"Experts Warn of 'Government Use Disorder.'"

92% of Black Male Teenagers in Chicago are Unemployed
RUSH: Do you know what the black teenage unemployment rate is in Chicago?  Try 92%.  The black teenage unemployment rate Chicago, 92%.  Who's been running the place for as long as we've been alive?  Who's been doing the community organizing there?  Obama and his buddies!  Who's been voting for Democrats year after year after year, and there are 92% unemployed.

Stunning -- and then the Reverend Jackson, you know, starts bellyaching about the prison population and trying to convey the impression that we're just willy-nilly putting minorities in jail just because that's where we think they belong.  They're not committing any crimes, according to the Reverend Jackson, or at least crimes they're committing we shouldn't be punishing, which is an increasing trend from the left.  More and more crimes shouldn't be punished.  They should be understood, like immigrating illegally. 

Larry King: CNN Should Run Cartoons
RUSH: Again, this is MSNBC.  Programming on MSNBC is under a ban established by me.  We do not air anything that happens on that network, and we haven't for well over a year.  I must remind you, in the time since I imposed the ban, their numbers have tanked, and so have CNN's numbers tanked.  You know what Larry King said about CNN? 

Larry King was being interviewed with somebody at the Huffing and Puffington Post, and Larry King said, "Yeah, they got real trouble.  What they ought to do is just run SpongeBob all day and break in for important breaking news."  He did.  He said it.  His attempt at humor.  "Just run SpongeBob SquarePants all day."  They'd do just as well running a cartoon 'cause what they're doing now is a cartoon. 

Just go ahead and run SpongeBob SquarePants and then when there's a fire or something, break in.  And then after saying that, he then had to launch into an attack on Fox.  He said (paraphrased), "Yeah, you know Fox is killing it, and I know Ailes, and I like Ailes, but, come on.  Fair and balanced?  You're trying to tell me that they're objective?  I mean, this network hires former consultants for political campaigns." 

What do you MSNBC, NBC, ABC, and CBS do?  They don't just hire the consultants.  They hire ex-candidates, ex-officeholders.  They hire spouses of all these people. 

North Carolina Refuses to Extend Jobless Benefits and It Works
RUSH: Speaking of the job news, somebody took a swipe at me, but not by name.  I've been really pumping the fact that 92 million Americans are not working, 92 million Americans not in the labor force.  The guy tries to make the point, and there's another person, an elected official, some Republican in Congress that made the same claim, and the guy harps on that person, not actually me, and then claims that we are misrepresenting this number.  We're saying there are 92 million Americans that want to work who aren't and who can't, and I don't know what this elected official said.  That's not what I'm saying. 

The total number of people not working is 92 million adults.  I don't know how many of 'em want to work.  My fear is that it's a rising tide that don't think they have to.  I mean, you go to North Carolina.  North Carolina has eliminated the emergency extension of unemployment benefits, and their unemployment rate's coming down pretty fast.  And you know why?  Why would you think that is?  Well, if there isn't somebody that's going to pay you not to work, how are you gonna get paid?  You're going to have find a job, and, lo and behold, who would have thunk it, that's what's happening in North Carolina. 

But here in the State of the Coup speech, there's Obama tugging at people's heartstrings. While telling us that his job market is robust and going gangbusters and it's never been better and the economy's roaring back, we still have to send these unemployment benefits out to people even longer than 99 weeks, tugging on heartstrings, compassion, guilt tripping people. And you're never gonna send 'em back to work if you continue to pay them not to.  It's just that simple.  And that's what Obama wants. 

Chicago Writer Rips Off Environmentalist Wacko Pick Method
RUSH: Folks, somebody has ripped me off.  A guy has ripped off the environmentalist wacko method of picking football games.  It's in the Chicago Tribune and the guy's name is Rex Huppke: "Tips for a Properly Politicized Super Bowl Sunday -- Ideological divide carries over on Game Day."

originalH.R. found this story for me.  He said, "Basically this guy stole your environmentalist wacko football pick gimmick."  It's not a gimmick, it works, it's real.  He said the Broncos are the libs in this game, and the Seahawks are the conservatives, according to the way this guy has done his environmentalist wacko pick.  Well, I'll explain it.  He says, "If you're a liberal, you definitely want to pull for the Broncos." And here are some of the reasons.  "Quarterback Peyton Manning is known for distributing the ball fairly evenly among his receivers. That's socialism." That would never be part of the environmental wacko pick.  He'd never do it that way. 

"A bronco is a horse, and horses are an eco-friendly means of transportation, making the Broncos the Toyota Prius of NFL teams." No, it's the exact opposite. Well, not quite the exact opposite. What makes a bronco different than a horse?  Broncos have to be tamed.  Broncos have to be controlled by evil human beings.  Broncos are wild horses that have to be reined in from their natural habit and turned into slaves for human beings who want to use them.  They have to be broken.  Bucking broncos and all this sort of stuff.  So the Broncos epitomize evil conservatives using them.  They are the essense of nature.  They're in the wild, they're doing their own thing, and they are at one with nature.

They're not hurting anybody. They're behaving exactly as Gaya intended them to, and then here come the western settlers.  And the Broncos, where'd they get here, Columbus and the western Europeans brought the horse in.  The western Europeans, the scum of the earth anyway are responsible for them being here.  Not even their natural habitat.  So the Broncos and the environmentalist wacko method here would be utter victims and deserving of victory, but that's just one element.  I mean, there's much, much more to it than just that.  'Cause you analyze who the Seahawks are, in the environmentalist wacko method. 

Now, you might think, okay, Seahawks, how would Rush do that?  Well, birds, flying, soaring through the air, also in their natural -- 'cause it's a challenge for the wackos.  You got two animals here.  Animal rights always gets precedent over human rights.  But the Seahawks are frauds.  There's no such thing.  Go to Wikipedia, look up sea hawk, and you'll find the Seattle Seahawk logo.  There is not a bird called a sea hawk.  It's made up.  So they're frauds.  Frauds invented by evil human beings.  Anyway, that just scratches the surface.  I just find it fascinating that a guy in the Chicago Tribune has decided to look at the game this way. 

Now, his Bronco is a horse, horses are eco-friendly means of transportation, making the Broncos the Toyota Prius.  Here's another thing.  "A sea hawk is another name for an osprey, a bird of prey." It's not.  This guy even gets into politically correct snacks, and if you are conservative you will not eat Doritos or any kind of tortilla chip because they are corn-based illegal immigrants.  That's exactly right.  So, according to this guy, you conservatives, your Super Bowl snack will not include tortilla chips, Doritos, any of that, because they represent Mexicans, illegal immigrants, and you would not want to buy them. You would not want to have 'em in your house, even if you are gonna squish 'em and soggy 'em up and put 'em in the oven and bake 'em you still wouldn't want 'em anywhere near you. 

Look, I have to applaud the guy's effort.  I don't know that he's stealing the environmental wacko pick from me 'cause frankly I haven't done an extensive environmentalist wacko pick in I don't know how long.  Yeah, I tell you what.  This is Thursday, right?  So, yeah, I've gotta do it tomorrow.  Okay, I'll give you the environmentalist wacko pick and straight-up pick and we'll see if they dovetail.  I'll go straight up rather than the points.  I don't even know what the line is right now, so we'll just do straight up winner.


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