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Peyton Manning's Annoying Pursuit of Excellence... Goodell on Health Care and the Redskins... It Won't be Freezing, But It Won't be Super Bowl Weather Either...

Just Say No, Republicans

RUSH: This is a big, big attitudinal problem.  The fact is we haven't seen the Republican Party act much like the opposition party yet. Whenever some individual Republicans do pop up in opposition, they get cut down by other Republicans.

Amnesty is Suicide for GOP -- and America

RUSH: That's what's so damn frustrating and inconceivable about the Republican Party wanting to open the country up to this kind of immigration.  It just doesn't make any sense!  It's the end of the Republican Party. It's the end of the country as we know it. It doesn't make any sense, in the traditional way of judging this. Now, there are other ways that it does make sense, and they're not pretty. 

Making Sense of the Senseless

RUSH: Let me close the loop on immigration.  We sit here, it doesn't make any sense... I hate even thinking this, but, remember, this is the place that had the House bank and the House post office.  And this is the place where a lot of people have shown up to Congress with nothing and they end up becoming millionaires while there.

The Environmentalist Wacko Pick

RUSH: In the early days of the program, I picked football games on Fridays, and a lot of people listening didn't care. They didn't like football, some women and some guys.  "Come on, stick to the issues!"  So I devised a way to combine politics with the football picks and came up with the environmentalist wacko method.


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