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Morning Update: Allies

Who are some of the biggest supporters of the Obama Regime, and all other liberal Democrats? Labor unions. But now, according to Bloomberg, labor unions are financing a “Republican” group. A bunch that promotes “pro-business” candidates who face primary challenges from Tea Party candidates.

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Take Nothing Away from the Seahawks, But... What a Disappointing Super Bowl

RUSH:  It was the weirdest sensation watching the Super Bowl. I never got comfortable watching the whole game. Nothing seemed right, and I really did, I really had visions of Rupert Murdoch being carried out of there on a stretcher in a panic over the ratings... I live in mortal fear that you someday will think of this radio show the way I was feeling watching that game last night, like everybody was phoning it in.  That is why I come in here and every day strive to be better than the day before, meet and surpass your expectations.

The Trouble with the O'Baxter Interview

RUSH: My fear now is that this has happened and nobody wanted to hear it. So it can now be said, "Well, Obama hadn't dodged any questions. He was asked the tough questions. He answered the tough questions. There's no fallout, everything's fine, nothing to see here." And it's over and done with, and the questions aren't gonna be asked again at a time when more people will be watching for a specific reason.  So it's just a missed opportunity as far as I'm concerned.


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