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WHO: The Free Market Makes You Fat
RUSH: From Reuters: "Study Finds Deregulation is Fueling the Obesity Epidemic." 

That's right. 

A study published in the bulletin of the World Health Organization claims that governments need to take control of their economies to prevent people from getting fat. From the article: "'Unless governments take steps to regulate their economies, the invisible hand of the market,'" i.e., evil, greedy, capitalist, food producers, "'will continue to promote obesity worldwide with disastrous consequences for future public health and economic productivity,' said lead author Dr. Roberto De Vogli from the Department of Public Health Sciences at the University of California, Davis," right down the road from my adopted hometown, Sacramento, California. 

It's up to governments to take steps to regulate their economies, regulate these greedy people like the ones that make Oreos and the people that make Crisco. Whatever they find unacceptable, those people are just gonna have free rein out there unless governments come in and protect unsuspecting dummkopf citizens who are getting fat even though they don't want to get fat. They're getting fat because private sector greed!

See how this works?

Healthcare.gov Still Doesn't Work
RUSH: A day after Obama told Ted O'Baxter on the Fox Super Bowl pregame show that everything's fine with health care -- Yeah, we have some glitches, but now we're up and running -- from the Washington Post: "HealthCare.gov Can't Handle Appeals of Enrollment Errors -- Tens of thousands of people who discovered that HealthCare.gov made mistakes as they were signing up for a health plan are confronting a new roadblock: The government cannot yet fix the" mistakes.

The website is incapable of handling appeals, as it were.  Why is anybody surprised at this?  What errors have they ever been able to fix?  Seriously.  What errors do they ever fix?  The only way they address an error is with a new program that compounds the first error but is designed to fix it.  It never does get fixed.  It's simply outrageous what these people have done, and that's why we played that sound bite of Pelosi on Jon Stewart. 

"I don't know. It's not my responsibility."

He wanted to know, why is this website not working. "I don't know.  It's not my responsibility."  Not your responsibility?  You gave it to us; you sold it to us.  You helped Obama lie to us about all the great things that would happen and what we'd be able to keep that we liked.  Now they can't handle mistakes.  Not surprising. 

Unions Feel Betrayed by Obamacare
RUSH: "Labor Union Officials..."  This is the Washington Post as well. 

"Labor Union Officials Say Obama Betrayed Them in the Health Care Rollout -- Labor leaders who have spent months lobbying unsuccessfully for special protections under the Affordable Care Act warned this week that the [Regime]'s continued refusal to help is dampening union support for Democratic candidates in this year's midterm elections." Now, the Washington Post, I don't know what the purpose of the story is.  Just to rattle 'em and scare them? 

But if it really is that they feel this way -- and that's a stretch, I admit. But if these labor union people really believe this, if this is really true, then there is no way they can campaign or give money to any Senate incumbent running in 2014.  Here's a pull quote: "Leaders of two major unions, including the first to endorse Obama in 2008, said they have been betrayed by [a Regime] that wooed their support for the 2009 legislation with promises to later address the peculiar needs of union-negotiated insurance plans that cover millions of workers."

What they're saying is, they haven't gotten the last part of that.  They were promised whatever to get 'em to sign on, support it, and promote it. But now that it's here, no. The problem is, they all knew at the beginning. The Regime is ignoring them, and they're mad.  They've got Cadillac plans, folks.  Now, here's... (interruption) Well, they got waivers, but the waivers have expired.  It's real-world time. 

It's real world time, and here come the fees and taxes.  They're all subjected to it -- and what they're saying is that the Regime promised them that all of this would be addressed by the time this time arrived, and it hasn't been.  So that's why I believe this.  I think they really... Everybody's ticked off about this.  Everybody should be ticked off, because it's screwing everybody. 

NYT: Downton Abbey More Exciting Than Super Bowl
RUSH: By the way, the New York Times just tweeted that last night's Downton Abbey may have been more dramatic than the Super Bowl.  I'm telling you, it was not good, folks.  Downton Abbey was fine. Don't misunderstand. 


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