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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"If you were listening to him yesterday, Rush sounded great in the first hour. But, if you were listening in high-definition, digitally remastered, wall-high speakers, you might have noticed a little something settling in during the third hour. A little later, he came down with a fever and chills. His voice sounded croaky. But he will return, the vagaries of the fever and the chills permitting." -Mark Steyn

Hope Does Not Achieve Anything

"Hope is for losers. Hope is passive. Hope is lying on the floor hoping something turns up. Hope is like luck. It might show up. You might be walking down the street and $1 million may drop in your lap, but it's highly unlikely to. Hope cannot achieve the impossible. Hard work and ingenuity can achieve the impossible." -Mark Steyn

"Thousands and thousands of people have been given false Obamacare plans. They're not the plans they ordered. They're told they have to pay more than they wanted for them, or they've been denied coverage, and Obama -- the President of Hope -- created such a hopeless computer system, that none of these felons they hired as navigators to access your personal information, can get into the system to correct basic errors in your enrollment." -Mark Steyn

"Nancy Pelosi is a goddess to people on the left, and people on the left look at their leftist politicians as the smartest, the most competent, they know everything, they know more than anybody could possibly know." -Rush

"'Hey, Rapping Pug, can your vet get me in for an appointment in the next two weeks? Because the way things are going, these domesticated animals -- the fluffy cat, the gold fish, the bunny rabbit -- have a more timely, more efficient, and more affordable health care system than Obamacare." -Mark Steyn

Terrorists Have the Run of Iraq on Roads We Built

"War is about destroying the enemy's will, and that's what we failed to do in Iraq, and what we failed to do in Afghanistan -- which is why Hamid Karzai is talking with the Taliban, and is going to break with the US completely. It's why the Al-Qaeda flag is flying over buildings in western Iraq where American troops spent blood and treasure to win." -Mark Steyn

"War is about knowing what victory looks like. It's not just about blowing things up, and then sending in humanitarian organizations." -Mark Steyn

"We have spent a fortune in money -- we have spent even more in the lives of brave men who retook towns like Fallujah -- and yet we threw away victory, because we never think in the long term about strategy, about will, about the very purpose of war." -Mark Steyn

It's Difficult to Have a Coherent Society with Two Languages

"If you were to sing La Marseillaise in English, the French would beat you to a pulp! To be a Frenchman means to sing La Marseillaise in French. Somehow the idea of singing America the Beautiful in every language known to the Tower of Babel makes America more American, is ridiculous." -Mark Steyn 

"The idea of a country volunteering, artificially, to become bilingual is nuts! You can't even share jokes! The country is devolving into Gate 127 at LAX. It's just the people who happen to be there." -Mark Steyn 

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"The idea of a country volunteering, artificially, to become bilingual is nuts! You can't even share jokes! The country is devolving into Gate 127 at LAX. It's just the people who happen to be there." -Mark Steyn

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"I'm in a little bit of a cranky mood, because I was on the receiving end of the decaying American health care system today." -Mark Steyn

"The 2010 election victory was completely squandered. It was a landmark victory. You have to make the case, or you have to at least not get in the way. Right now when Obama is reeling and flopped out, John Boehner comes in and starts talking about 'comprehensive immigration reform.' Even when he's winning, he gives the victory away!" -Mark Steyn