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Morning Update: Natural Fit

First item. Terry McAuliffe is, sadly, the new governor of Virginia, and he’s now passing himself off as an education expert. Last November, the Virginia board of education announced an “A-through-F” grading system to measure public schools by their student performance. But McAuliffe wants to scrap the letter grades.

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Why Did I Want Obama to Fail? The Answer is in the CBO Report on Obamacare

RUSH: It would be easy for me to say, "Hey, you know what?  I don't care.  I called it, and everybody's gonna know I was right."  That's not at all a factor to me.  That's not why I'm reliving the history and reminding some of you -- and telling, teaching, whatever, the rest of you who may not have been around here when we were talking about it.  Now we've gotten to the point where the CBO says, just as we said five years ago, that Obamacare's gonna cost this country 2.5 million jobs minimum.

Boehner: No Immigration Bill Because Obama Can't Be Trusted to Enforce Laws

RUSH: People are going nuts here.  I keep getting e-mails, and now Cookie has sent me a sound bite, 'cause I keep mentioning amnesty today, 'cause I can't believe it.  Now, we've got the lesson of Obamacare, and yet, what are we doing?  Rather than ratcheting this up and trying to make a connection with the American people to stop this, still roll it back, do not compound any further errors... amnesty.  "Rush, Rush, Rush, Boehner has said that there won't be any this year!"  Okay, all right, fine. 

The GOP Establishment Thinks Voters Want Big Government

RUSH: This is one of the arguments that takes place inside conservative media and the Republican Party.  There are some conservative media types who believe that the argument, the debate, over Big Government's over, we've lost it, and that the American people want it, and we are never gonna win elections until we realize that.  If we keep fighting that, we're gonna always lose.  At some point, we're just gonna have to understand that the people of this country get what they want.

Evan Sayet on How Liberals Think

RUSH: Now, maybe I'm naive, and maybe you disagree with me.  The reason that I believe it would have been a giant, great payoff if there were a massive education information campaign to instruct people on ideology -- who liberals are, what they do, how to identify them, and how you don't want it -- is rooted in the belief that I think a vast majority would reject it.  I think most people who vote for liberals do not really know what they're doing.

Sam Zell Defends the 1%; Carol Costello Has a Cow

RUSH: If you're gonna have examples for people to follow, there's nothing wrong with following the example of people who got there by hard work.  But the left eschews that, impugns that, and trashes that and instead says that's a hopeless route 'cause the game's rigged just like Carol said. You can't get there with hard work because they didn't get there with hard work.  They got there by cheating. They got there with connections. 


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