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"What really frustrates me is Obamacare need not have happened. This tragedy, this destruction of one of the greatest health care systems the world's ever seen, need not have happened. I know it has, but it's still tragic. Some doctors are not seeing cancer patients!"

"Now we've gotten to the point where the CBO says, just as we said five years ago, that Obamacare's gonna cost this country 2.5 million jobs minimum. I can't tell you how it breaks my heart, folks, to see this literal tragedy happen to this country."

"Any failure is an indictment of the country, wherever it happens. If any individual fails, something's wrong with America, not the individual, in Obama's world, in the left's view of things."

"The failures, the unachieved, the unaccomplished, slackers, whatever, they have no role in their current circumstances. They are nothing but victims, and they fail not because of anything they've done; they fail because the country has seen to it."

"How many times have you heard Obama bellyache and whine and moan about outsourcing? His own HealthCare.gov is in Belarus -- and that's one of the reasons why it's a security nightmare."

"A lot has happened these past two days, and even though you may know pretty much what has happened, you still don't know what to think of it, because you haven't heard my take on any of it, and you haven't heard me put it in perspective."

"There was abject fear of opposing Obama, especially in the first year, because of the historical nature of his presidency (i.e., the first black president). The Republicans were afraid to death of criticizing Obama, and many of them still are. Conservative media was reluctant to go there."

"The news media is now claiming the CBO meant that Obamacare will just give those 2.5 million workers the liberating choice to stop working. Obamacare, you see, is a success, because it is liberating people from the responsibility of working!"

"Have you ever wondered why the mainstream media gets practically everything wrong? I would submit to you that they are wrong because their starting point is flawed. Starting point that they're educated in journalism school, starting point that they are all taught. And it flows from this belief that this is an inherently unfair country, and so any minority, any failure, any disadvantaged, less advantaged, is actually the hero, because of victim status. And they are going to be protected, never, ever blamed."

"Sheila Jackson Lee said it is now Congress' job to write executive orders Obama can sign. She said it!"

"There's enough data now, and not just on health care, but on every other economic policy, there's five years of data and it isn't working! If they really wanted it to work they would make the changes necessary to make it work."

"When you take away the desire, necessity, to work, you're effectively dehumanizing people. You are taking away from many people one of the primary sources of their confidence, self-identity, reason for being, particularly in men, but in more and more women now with feminism and so forth making its giant strides. It's just a tragic thing here that's happening, and it's turning more and more people into satisfied wards of the state."

"I don't believe that all these people voting Democrat are true-believer liberals. This is why I still have faith and hope for the country, folks. I really do."

"I'm trying to inform and educate as many of you as possible to be able to go out there and help people understand what liberals are and who they are. Forget that they're Democrats, but just instruct them about liberals. I can't do it myself. You are a participating part in this."

"When you know that 2 + 2 = 4 and the country's gonna act like it's 5, would that not frustrate you?"


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