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Boring Super Bowl is Most Watched TV Show Ever?
RUSH: By the way, if what I saw is right, I'm really surprised. The Super Bowl is the most watched television program of all time?  Did I see that correctly?  That just amazes, 'cause the game was so bad, but I'm not gonna dwell on it.  I really thought they'd be carrying Rupert Murdoch out of there on a stretcher at halftime because of the quality of the game and the audience fleeing, but apparently that didn't happen.  Anyway, there's an interesting societal explanation for that, I think, that I may have time to get to.

Fireworks at IRS Hearing
RUSH: There are other news items I want to catch up to, as well as the fireworks the congressional hearings on the IRS "nothing to see here" scandal, the president told us about on Super Bowl Sunday.

Seinfeld Gets Treated Like a Republican
RUSH: Jerry Seinfeld is being treated as though he's a Republican.  He's got this new Web show called Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.  He doesn't have any comedians of color, and so the PC crowd's accusing him of not having any diversity in his show.  He's telling them to go to hell.  He's being treated like a Republican. 

WSJ: More Men in Prime Working Ages Don't Have Jobs
RUSH: Look at this from the Wall Street Journal: "More Men in Prime Working Ages Don't Have Jobs." This is five years now into the Obama Regime with all of this focus on an economic recovery and jobs recovery and job creation and focuses and lasers and bills and so forth. 

"More than one in six men ages 25 to 54, prime working years, don't have jobs -- a total of 10.4 million. Some are looking for jobs; many aren't. Some had jobs that went overseas or were lost to technology. Some refuse to uproot for work because they are tied down by family needs or tethered to homes worth less than the mortgage. Some rely on government benefits. Others depend on working spouses."

But let me get to what's buried in this article.  Buried is the article is this.  "Surveys find that most of the jobless spend their days in the same way working men spend weekends -- watching TV, working out, sleeping. Economists say part of the problem is that men with few marketable skills and little education can't find work that pays enough to get them off the couch. ... Simply put, many of the available jobs don't pay enough to get men to take them, particularly if securing a job requires moving, long commutes or surrendering government benefits."

"Oh, no.  I can't take that gig if it means giving up my benefits."  Translation of that folks?  They can't find work that pays them more than not working.  That's simply what that means.  They can't find work that pays them more than not working.  Jobs are being slashed to 29 and a half hours a week.  Yet the Wall Street Journal here wants us to legalize at least 11 million illegal aliens.  The Wall Street Journal is part of the open borders crowd. 

Somebody tell me, why does this make sense?  Here we're gonna do a story about all of these men, 25-54, can't find work because they can't find a job that pays them more than they can earn not working.  And yet there are jobs Americans won't do, and we need to open the borders, and we need to get people out of the shadows.  We're right in the middle of -- well, beyond the middle of a direct, daily onset. 

Obamacare Website Outsourced to Belarus
RUSH: Now, for "The Belarusian Connection."  It's from the Washington Free Beacon.  Bill Gertz, Mr. Snerdley, Bill Gertz, the great Pentagon reporter for the Washington Times way, way back has uncovered this.  "The Belarusian Connection -- 'The U.S. Affordable Care Act software was written in part in Belarus by software developers under state control, and that makes the software a potential target for cyber attacks.'"

State government control, Belarus.  This from a president who keeps whining and moaning about (imitating Obama), "I'm gonna tell you what, we're gonna stop these tax breaks for people outsourcing these jobs. Gonna start insourcing. Tax break for people to keep jobs in America."  His own health care plan, software written in part by software developers under the control of Belarusian government.

"Cyber security officials said the potential threat to the U.S. healthcare data is compounded by what they said was an Internet data 'hijacking' last year involving Belarusian state-controlled networks. The month-long diversion covertly rerouted massive amounts of U.S. Internet traffic to Belarus -- a repressive dictatorship located between Russia, Poland, and Ukraine. ... Officials disclosed the software compromise last week after the discovery in early January of statements by Belarusian official Valery Tsepkalo, director of the government-backed High-Technology Park (HTP) in Minsk.

Tsepkalo told a Russian radio station in an interview broadcast last summer that HHS is 'one of our clients,' and that 'we are helping Obama complete his insurance reform.'"

Belarus state government helping Obama complete his insurance reform. 

Jackson Lee: We Will Write Executive Orders for Obama
RUSH: Did you hear Sheila Jackson Lee?  Did you hear what she said?  Sheila Jackson Lee said it is now Congress' job to write executive orders Obama can sign.  She said it!  No!  No!  Belarus is real.  Sheila Jackson Lee said it.


RUSH:  Well, I'm not gonna have time, as it turns out, 'cause it takes her all 28 seconds to get it out. I wanted you to hear the sound bite of Sheila Jackson Lee. I mentioned this earlier but I wanted you to hear it. She said that the Congress is gonna be "answering the call of all America" by writing the executive orders Obama can sign with pride.  Hold that over 'til tomorrow.  It's one thing when I say it, but you've gotta hear it.

WH Tweet: Six Economic Benefits of the Affordable Care Act

RUSH:  Get this.  The White House just tweeted the following, ladies and gentlemen.  Quote:  "Worth sharing.  Here are six ways the Affordable Care Act benefits our economy."  And they link to an article on the White House website that talks about the CBO report.  Now, the CBO report devastates Obamacare!  "Here are six ways the Affordable Care Act benefits our economy."  And I'm sure two and a half million jobs lost, people no longer imprisoned in job lock, see what Obamacare's doing for you?  Freeing you up from having to have a job in order to have health care.  And they tout that as a benefit.  Do you think that's good for America? 


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