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"I have to tell you, all of you who have written and all of you who've called and all of you who have begged for another one and asked if we are going to do another one: We were always gonna do a second book. And I can't tell you the hard work that has gone into this, from the research to making sure it's right."

"Getting health care and not having to work means that people will be able to be home at night to tuck their kids into bed, and it's all because of Obamacare! Obamacare is now the mechanism permitting parents to finally be at home, because they're being liberated from having to work now. They're finally able to be at home to tuck in the kids at bedtime, and all of that is because of Obamacare."

"Obama abandons the Constitution, rewrites his own health care law, seemingly daily. Now he wants a three-year extension on you being able to keep the plan that you like that was taken away from you for a couple of weeks and then they let you keep it. He wants a three-year extension on this, which conveniently would take us past 2016."

"Can you imagine you're on the editorial board at TIME Magazine, and you are so stunned at the scientific revelation that men and women are different that you stop everything and do a cover story?"

"We're in trouble. We're in big trouble. Because these people are the primary source of news for most people the country. We're in big trouble."

"Now we've actually got a member of Congress, a Democrat, who said the great thing about Obamacare is that people can still get their health benefits without having to work, meaning they can be home at night to tuck in the kids. Obamacare is promoting family togetherness and families sticking together by eliminating the rotten choice of parents having to work."

"Divorce is causing income inequality. There's no question that that's true. Single-parent families, lack of education, dropout rate, all of that's true. Any time any of that's mentioned, whoever does it is gonna be called a racist or a sexist or a bigot, and the Democrat Party is gonna be right there defending the insulted and claiming to protect them and say, "Just because you're divorced or just because you're stupid and just because you dropped out doesn't mean you're not entitled to Obamacare!"

"I knew all along we were going to make another book, but I couldn't say we were going to make another book. I had to wait until today to say that we were going to make another book, and now we've made it."

"I find it fascinating what people are willing to be defrauded about or willing to be fooled by."

"Biden's calling LaGuardia airport in New York a Third World country's airport. There's been no reaction. De Blasio in New York? Ho-hum. Nobody cares. Now, what would have happened if Cheney had said this?"

"The president does behave outside the Constitution. I mean, Sheila Jackson Lee, in the House of Representatives, is saying that their job now is to write executive orders for Obama to sign. Not laws, but write executive orders!"

"Aspects of Obamacare make your current plan illegal. But, remember, Obama's given you a waiver. He's not going to punish you for having an illegal policy."

"The Democrat Party has succeeded in taking us to a position in life, culturally, where all of that is the result of oppression, mistreatment and victimization brought on by the majority -- which is 'mostly white,' of course -- and so they have to be punished. The uneducated don't have to be educated. The poor are not gonna be made middle class. No, no, no, no, no! The oppressors are gonna be punished."


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