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Morning Update: Covered My...

Covered California, the state Obamacare exchange, enrolled 625,000 recipients. More than any other participating state. That was yesterday’s news. Today’s news is: California officials have set aside $200 million to help offset the budget deficits the exchange is projecting. Why? The federal government isn’t doing what California officials foolishly thought the federal government would do: Fund it.

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Media Gears Up for First Gay NFL Player... Aging America Heading for Disaster... NBC Honors Soviet Union as "Pivotal Experiment"...  Black Activists Drive Trader Joe's Out of Oregon Neighborhood...

Impeachable Offenses No Longer Matter

RUSH: We just sort of run right by the idea that the Speaker of the House of the United States of America says the president of the United States can't be trusted because he makes his own law.  It's just as commonplace as getting water from the faucet.  It's an impeachable offense and it of course doesn't matter.

Democrats: Work is Punishment

RUSH: The Democrat Party is in the process of impugning, trashing, and tarnishing the whole concept of work as a Republican idea that imprisons people into lives of great suffering, disappointment, and economic disparity, all while being denied the pursuit of leisure.

Book #2! Rush Revere and the First Patriots

RUSH: The title of the book is Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  Among other things, young readers will be introduced to Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Adams, Patrick Henry -- and, in one of my favorite parts of the book, Rush Revere gets into an argument and debate with King George III over his treatment of the colonists. 


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