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Both Costas Eyes Now Commie Pink... Casualties of the Democrat War on Women in Massachusetts...  Sprout Pharmaceuticals Willing to Do More Research on Female Viagra...

Obamacare Can't Work? What a Surprise!

RUSH:  They're all now finally realizing -- Republicans, Democrats, media, whatever -- this is all political, and that's all it has ever been from the get-go... If this thing were the panacea it was promoted to be, they couldn't wait to implement this thing front to back, top to bottom, side to side, as quickly as possible because everybody would love it then and everybody would vote for Democrats and we'd be finished.  But instead they're having to delay the implementation, which means delay the effect, which means delay the impact -- and now, the bloom is off the rose.

Obama to the French President at Monticello: "That's the Good Thing About Being President -- I Can Do Whatever I Want"

RUSH:  "That's the good thing about being president -- I can do whatever I want."  People are laughing at it.  It's a throwaway line.  And I agree he may be practicing a little taunting there, but there's always an element of truth, and I guarantee you he looks at the job that way.  Here's our favorite Monticello moment.  

The President Explains How Breaking the Link Between Work and Health Insurance Will Free Ladies to Work on the Farm

RUSH: So there's the flexibility, ladies! If your husband's a farmer, working with manure and pig slop all day, and you want to join him, Obamacare will let you do it. If you don't like working in the county clerk's office, you can get out of there. You can head to the farm. And, somehow, you'll be able to keep your health insurance.


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