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Obama to the French President at Monticello: "That's the Good Thing About Being President -- I Can Do Whatever I Want"


RUSH: Let's go to Monticello, Charlottesville, Virginia, Thomas Jefferson's home.  This is Obama and the French President Hollande.  By the way, Obama butchered the poor guy's name.  There's a joint presser going on right now.  By the way, did you ever think that you would see a state press conference where the president, prime minister, whatever, of France is to the right of our president?  Did you ever think you would see a press conference where the president of the United States is a bigger socialist than the head honcho of France?  Anyway, Obama butchered his name, the French President Francois Hollande. 

Hey, did you know there's a state dinner tonight?  I'm serious.  State dinner.  The overnight low in Washington tonight is forecast to be I think 17 degrees.  I'll double-check that here in a second.  I think last I saw wind chill at four degrees, and this thing's outside in a tent, and they're going to have to use a tram to escort women and the guests from the White House grounds where they arrive to the tent.  They're gonna heat a tent in 17-degree weather?  I guess they got more people than the state dining room can comfortably legally hold.  But, man, outside in a tent. 

Anyway, here's Obama with the French President Hollande, visiting Monticello.  He took a moment to look at the landscape, and here's Obama talking to the president of the Thomas Jefferson Foundation, Leslie Greene Bowman.

OBAMA:  We're breaking protocol here.

BOWMAN:  You're with good friends.

OBAMA:  That’s all right. That's the good thing about being President -- I can do whatever I want.

RUSH:  "That's the good thing about being president -- I can do whatever I want."  People are laughing at it.  It's a throwaway line.  And I agree he may be practicing a little taunting there, but there's always an element of truth, and I guarantee you he looks at the job that way. 

Here's our favorite Monticello moment.  We mentioned this at the top of the program.  This is back in 1993. The exact date's January 17th, 1993, and it's at Monticello.  We've got vice-president-elect Algore, Tipper Gore, president-elect Bill Clinton, and Hillary Clinton, taking a tour. During the tour Gore walks into a room and there are busts high up on the wall and on the ceiling, and Gore and the head honcho at Monticello, the museum portion of it, Daniel Jordan is his name, Gore and Jordan start talking.

GORE:  Who are these people?

JORDAN:  Well, this is George Washington on the extreme right --

GORE: Right.

JORDAN: -- and Benjamin Franklin on the left.

GORE:  Yeah.

JORDAN:  And then we have Lafayette and John Paul Jones. And John Adams normally is here, too, but as I mentioned we’ve loaned him out.

GORE:  Uh-huh.

JORDAN:  Well, let's head briefly in to the guest bedroom.

RUSH:  And that's when Clinton got excited, when the curator wanted to show them the guest bedroom.  You really need to see the video of this, because Gore is standing there, and he's trying to act sophisticated and interested and all that, and he's pointing to these busts, and that's when he says, "Who are these people?"  And they're instantly recognizable.  You heard the guy saying, "Well, right here, George Washington." 

"Oh, yeah." 

"And right here is Benjamin Franklin."  You should see Clinton.  Clinton is so embarrassed, it's like the way he was at the Ron Brown memorial.  He's got that W. C. Fields grin on his face but you can see he's embarrassed and mad as he can be at Gore for looking like an idiot.


RUSH:  Say what you want about Bill Clinton, he knew his busts.  He didn't have to ask anybody.



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