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Pearls of Wisdom

"Did you ever think you would see a press conference where the president of the United States is a bigger socialist than the head honcho of France?"

"Bob Costas in the Soviet Union -- uh -- Russia, has to take tonight off, pinkeye. Of all the infections that you could get when you go to a former communist country, pinkeye?"

"The text of Obamacare specifically prohibits what Obama is doing. But very few people are even talking about that."

"If Obamacare was as Obama and the Regime and the Democrats advertised -- if it were the panacea they promised, if it were the fix that they promised, if it was the solution they all promised -- Obamacare would already have been fully implemented by now and the American people would demand access to it."

"It sounds like this is a pill actually for people who would be happy with some-sex marriage. People are out there just totally obsessed with same-sex, but we forget about the some-sex."

"Obama said, 'That's the good thing about being president -- I can do whatever I want.' People are laughing at it, it's a throwaway line, and I agree he may be practicing a little taunting there, but there's always an element of truth, and I guarantee you he looks at the job that way."

"Don't start giving me the cheap stereotypical comments here on headaches and stuff. That's beneath the dignity of this program."

"Liberals believe that it is an act of bigotry to be an objective reporter. Why? Why is being objective bigoted? The simple answer is, if you are objective, it means you are not championing the victims that you see left and right as you go about your job."

"Say what you want about Bill Clinton, he knew his busts. He didn't have to ask anybody."

"You can close your eyes and feel what it's like to be blind. But a person who can hear can put earplugs in, headphones on, but you can still hear something. A person who can hear really cannot understand what total deafness is. It's impossible."

"Everybody loves Liberty. It's fun writing the talking horse in the Rush Revere books."

"For political reasons only, in order to avoid being destroyed at every election since 2010, they have delayed or waived the implementation of the very punitive aspects of this law. And it's purely political -- and the entire Washington, DC, political spectrum understands now. They're not delaying the implementation because it isn't ready. They're not delaying it to help anybody except themselves."


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