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Drive-Bys Captivated by Brutal Cold

RUSH:  And greetings to you all of you that are either in the midst of the frozen tundra or in its path.  It's going to be 86 degrees where we are today, and I don't know why I wanted to tell you that.  But it's about 82 right now, on the way to 86.  The overnight low tonight will be 72 -- and we are barely an hour away, by air, from all of this ice up in Atlanta. 

You know, I just printed out the front page of the Drudge Report, and now I can't find it. It's a story that catalogs all of this on the winter storm.  I mean, it's brutal. What did I just do with that?  I just had it right here on the top.  I know this sounds terribly unprofessional.  It was right here!  I printed two or three things after it.  Maybe it's... No.  Te avalanche of stories here, I guess, that I've been printing...

Let me see if I put it... No, and I can't turn around and read it because of the stupid Dittocam.  People would see the back of my head, which I don't want anybody to see. It's the only part of my head that's got hair on it.  Anyway, it's brutal out there with ice storms. Airplanes, airports are grounded, shut down. Electricity bills are gonna be skyrocketing.

It's record cold, and we've got audio sound bites from scientists claiming it's all because of "global warming." Not "climate change," but "global warming."  Anyway, I will find that.  Those of you living in it are fully aware of it, and it is brutal, there's no question. If you're up on the Eastern Seaboard, it's on the way to you.  Alabama, Georgia.  Of course, the Drive-Bys are totally captivated by it.  They're just wall to wall totally captivated by it. 

Understanding the New Locker Room Shower Rules

RUSH: No, no.  Look, the question is you got a gay guy, man who has sex with other men, and he's gonna be in a locker room in the NFL with men who have sex with women.  Okay?  And we're told it's cool.  So if you can put a man who has sex with men who likes having sex with men in a locker room in the NFL, could you put a guy who likes to have sex with women in a locker room full of women, a shower full of women? (interruption) Why not? (interruption)  But why can you...? (interruption) But the men wouldn't feel "objectionable," or whatever?

I'm just trying to understand.

Is That Woody Allen or Professor Dershowitz? 

RUSH:  You know, I just glanced up and I saw CNN. I said, "Woody Allen's up on CNN? What's Woody Allen doing on CNN?" and it's not Woody Allen. It's Professor Dershowitz.  It must be the glasses.  Professor Dershowitz obviously got out of Boston. He's down in Miami in the sun and the fun.



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