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WH Angered by French Reporter Selfies in Oval Office... Moochelle Serves 2,500 Calorie Meal... Schoolbus Nagin Convicted, Party Affiliation Omitted... Jobless Claims Rise, Retail Sales Drop, Income Levels Plummet... Who is Sheila Jackson Lee's Husband?

As the Nation Freezes, Google-Financed Environmentalists Burn Innocent Birds in California to Combat Global Warming

RUSH: I tell you, the Drudge page today: “Brutal weather intensifies, historic ice storm unfolds in South.  Georgia warned catastrophic, at least 12 dead.  Hospitalizations from sledding crashes, travel impossible, ice from Texas to North Carolina.  Cars abandoned on snow-covered roads.  Thousands without power.”  No worry, Google's working on that with some solar panels.  They're killing birds, but that's okay, they're gonna get you power in the next century sometime.

Rave Reviews for Rush Revere

RUSH: Last Friday we announced the second in the Rush Revere series.  Rush Revere and the First Patriots.  It's available now for pre-order, goes on sale on March the 11th, and the focal point is the Boston Tea Party, but it was so much fun to write.  

The Politics of the Michael Sam Story

RUSH: Why is there a political agenda to this?  What is the left's overall political agenda in the hierarchy of things?  What animates them more than anything? It's their opposition to us, their hatred for us, and they get really disappointed when they don't see any outward behavior that would warrant hatred, on their part.  They're ticked off here.  I find it all fascinating, both from a political and a psychological basis. 


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