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Pearls of Wisdom

"If the Republican Party nominates another moderate, Northeastern liberal, you're gonna have a bunch of Republicans sit home again like they did in 2012. But in these 2014 midterms, they're gonna show up in droves just to get rid of what's happening."

"Think of how many people may have died already and nobody knows about it 'cause the media's not interested. If this were a heat wave, whatever the number is, we'd know. They'd have a daily count up there on the screen, blame it on global warming."

"Obama did his White House ceremony raising the minimum wage for federal contractors yesterday, giving away some more of other people's money, and it immediately hit me: How popular could I be if I could do that?"

"I really do believe that the Democrats know to a certain extent what's gonna hit them in November. You know, Henry Waxman retiring, a number of other Democrats announcing retirement? George Miller? Gee, those two guys alone quitting is one of the biggest telegraphed messages of where the Democrats think they are."

"NBC did a feature on the stray dogs -- the poor, hungry, starving, straggling stray dogs in Sochi. So Americans are organizing massive efforts to save 'em and bring them here. In the meantime, we are frying birds in an expensive, stupid effort to stop mythical global warming out in the desert."

"How popular could I be and how unbeatable could I be if I were able to give away other people's money to anybody I wanted to, and if I focused on the downtrodden and the needy and the screwed and the shafted? How popular would I be? If I had access to the entire federal Treasury and could give away money whenever I wanted to whoever, who could beat me? How would anybody beat me, and on what basis?"

"What do we do to stop somebody as lawless, some president as lawless this? What do we do? Nobody knows. Nobody knows what to do. Nobody knows how to stop him giving away money. Nobody knows how to beat him giving away money. Nobody knows how to deal with a guy who makes up the law every day as he gets up."

"I actually think it's a great exercise, thinking. It's hard work to a lot of people, but it's nevertheless fun. There's always results to it."

"We've never had a president who is so lawless. We've never had a president who is so unconcerned with the Constitution. We've never dealt with it, so nobody knows what to do."

"They've made as many people who know of Robin Hood, probably, the vast majority think what Robin Hood did was leave Sherwood Forest and head to mansions and take money from private citizens and bring it back to the poor schlubs, give it to Friar Tuck and Lady Marian for whatever she did for it and everything was fine. But that's not what Robin Hood did. Robin Hood went in to town and took money from the government, from the sheriff, that had been overly taxed. Robin Hood was simply returning people's money to them that had been taxed from them."

"Yeah, genital politics. I said it. I meant it. What's the big deal?"

"We have one of the greatest graphic artists in the history of websites at RushLimbaugh.com."


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