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WH Angered by French Reporter Selfies in Oval Office

RUSH: Did you see the French media?  I got a picture of it.  The French media walked into the Oval Office -- you know, it's perfunctory when you've got a dignitary from a foreign country, you drag him in there to sit next to the fireplace next to the president in the Oval Office. They bring the press corps in to grab some still shots, little video for couple minutes, they kick 'em out and then the supposed real meeting takes place.  And the French journalists all started taking selfies, and the White House got very mad. 

“White House Not Happy About French journalists’ Oval Office Selfies -- France 24 reports that established reporters who’ve probably seen a few fancy places in their time couldn’t resist the urge to snap a selfie.”  And Obama and Hollande are way in the background.  It's not that the reporters are trying to get themselves in selfies with those guys.  They're just trying to get selfies of themselves in the Oval Office, and the White House is all upset about it.  But, of course, Obama took selfies with that babe from the Netherlands or Norway or wherever it was over at the Nelson Mandela memorial. 

Moochelle Serves 2,500 Calorie Meal

RUSH:Do you know the number of calories in the White House state dinner?  Here it is.  The number of calories in the White House state dinner, 2,500, was more than most people are able to eat in a day around the world.  Couple that with Moochelle's $12,000 gown. 

Schoolbus Nagin Convicted, Party Affiliation Omitted

RUSH:  So Ray Nagin, School Bus Nagin -- remember School Bus Nagin? All those school buses didn't move during Hurricane Katrina.  Anyway, Ray Nagin, first-ever mayor of New Orleans convicted for corruption.  But no matter what you listen to, no matter what you watch, no matter what you read, you will not learn that he's a Democrat.

Jobless Claims Rise, Retail Sales Drop, Income Levels Plummet

RUSH: Unemployment claims.  Experts shocked.  Weekly claims rise to 339,000.  Wall Street looking for 330.  Once again, they were unexpected. 


RUSH: Let's see.  "Retail sales fell four-tenths of a percent in January.  Weekly jobless claims rise to 339,000."  This is a FrontPage magazine piece.  "While weekly jobless claims are rising to 339,000, retail sales falling almost half a point. In the meantime, the taxpayers underwriting the Obamas' lavish lifestyle have seen their household incomes decline by 4.4% since the recovery began in 2009."  Almost 92 million Americans are out of the workforce, but Obama is giving them money.  "This brings the workforce participation rate to its lowest level in almost 40 years.  The long-term unemployment rate, those jobless for 27 weeks or more --" are you ready for this? "-- the long-term unemployment rate," that is, people out of work 27 weeks or more, almost half a year, "comprises 36% of all unemployed Americans."

That's just unacceptable.  "Moreover, the president's latest unilateral adjustment to Obamacare delays, the mandate for corporations and businesses, the kind of people who get invited to state dinners while regular Americans must adjust their lives to higher premiums, greater deductibles, and the reality that they can't keep their doctor and/or hospitals."  In other words, there is no economic improvement for the vast majority of the American people no matter how you slice it.

Who is Sheila Jackson Lee's Husband?

RUSH: Sheila Jackson Lee's husband -- she does have one -- the reason I didn't comment earlier is 'cause I wasn't sure about that.  Her husband's name is Elwyn Cornelius Lee, and Elwyn Cornelius Lee is the vice president for community relations and institutional access at the University of Houston.  So what do you think he does?  What?  I didn't hear.  Agitator?  Organizer?  Vice president, community relations and institutional access at the University of Houston.  He's also the president's liaison to the university commission on women, and he oversees the women's resource center, the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender resource center and the center for students with disabilities, all of this at the University of Houston.  I guess he must run the university, apparently.  There you have it.


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