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"Union Radio" in Trouble ... Why Your Host Doesn't Know Who Wrote Stories in the Stack ... Popular Uprising in Venezuela ...

Caddell Bombshell: GOP Establishment Wants the IRS to Go After the Tea Party

RUSH: The lobbying-consultant class of the Republican Party and Republican leadership, who have been attacking the Tea Party and alienating them, they want the IRS to do this. That's why there hasn't been any establishment Republican pushback on the IRS. It's almost safe to say the Republican establishment might be willing to lose a couple of elections if it meant getting rid of the Tea Party; because it's clear, folks, they don't want to win any elections the Tea Party can claim any credit for.

Why Isn't Anyone Celebrating the Fifth Anniversary of the Great Obama Stimulus?

RUSH:  Nobody noticed, did they? Nobody's out celebrating it. Nobody's reminding you of it. Nobody is calling your attention to it. Nobody is applauding it. Nobody's doing stories on how much it mattered. We're not getting any stories from the media about all the great things that happened as a result of the stimulus. We're getting a big, fat zero, goose egg. Nothing.

Rove, Romney Caution Against Attacking Hillary; Charlie Cook Asks If She's Too Old

RUSH: Here's the latest issue of the Cook Report at the NationalJournal.com website: "Is Hillary Clinton Too Old to Run? -- Entering a presidential race is effectively a nine-year commitment. One year to run, and then another eight if she runs for reelection and wins." He's the first of the mainstream guys to bring this up. We, of course -- I -- did it in my own inimitable way some years ago asking a very mature and relevant open-ended question. I asked the question without knowing or providing the answer. We put a picture of Mrs. Clinton up at RushLimbaugh.com and we simply asked, "Do the American people want to observe the aging of this woman in office?"

Limbaugh to Millennials: Pay the Fine

RUSH: Obama said when talking to Milk Dud Head, that everybody five years from now will be thanking God or whatever, "I'll tell you, five years from now when everybody's saying, 'Man, I'm sure glad we got health care.'" The CBO, the Congressional Budget Office, said a couple of weeks ago that 10 years from now there will still be 30 million people without health insurance, which is the same number of people that have not got insurance now, today.

The Standing to Sue the President

CALLER: There was an occasion in the Nixon administration when the Congress sent Nixon a spending bill, and I don't remember what the particulars about it was, because Nixon said that's too much money, I don't want to spend all that money. And the Democrats said, "Oh, yes, you do, that's what we allocated and they took him to court, and they got a court decision saying, president, you have to spend the money that Congress allocated. You do not have the right to change what they said.

UAW Goes Down to Defeat in Tennessee

RUSH: "Just 87 votes at the Volkswagen plant in Tennessee separated the United Auto Workers union from what would have been its first successful organization of workers at a foreign automaker in the South." Now, in brief, the United Auto Workers had everything stacked in their favor. Volkswagen allowed the union reps to push for unionization right on the floor of the plant.


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