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"Union Radio" in Trouble

RUSH: Okay, actually, there is some interesting news. A union was shot down, where? In Kentucky? Tennessee. The United Auto Workers got shot down in Tennessee. Did you know that there was union talk radio? I had no idea that there was something called union talk radio until today. Here's the headline: "The Growing Silence of 'Union Radio.'" Politico. It's a tear-soaked story.

"The golden age of unions is long gone -- and for the radio shows that focus on labor and workers rights, every day is a struggle just to stay on the airwaves. There are a number of talk radio shows around the country covering -- and funded by -- organized labor that are still up and running, but like the labor movement as a whole, what remains is a far cry from the time when unions and the concerns of workers were a dominant part of the media landscape."

The Politico is horrified here at the idea of losing "diversity" on the radio, union talk radio. I had no idea that the unions had a talk show. I don't think anybody else knows that, either. Who's the host of this show? What in the world do they talk about? Where is this show? What network is this show on? Man, you live and learn every day.

Why Your Host Doesn't Know Who Wrote Stories in the Stack

RUSH: Yeah, I need to explain this.  I just checked the e-mail.  "Rush, why don't you know who writes these stories you're talking about?"  There's a reason.  The Mac OS X has a feature on their Internet browser that's called Reader.  If you click on it, it strips everything but the text out of a Web page.  All the ads, all-everything, just the text, but it does not, for some reason, print the name of the writer.  It prints the link and the text body of the story, but it leaves out the byline.  I do not know why.  If I do not make a written note or if I don't make a specific effort to copy and paste that line with the writer's name, then it doesn't print.  That's why.  So if it doesn't say here who wrote it, it means I can't remember it and I didn't make a note of it.

Popular Uprising in Venezuela

RUSH: You know, there is a popular uprising going on in Venezuela.  I haven't talked about that, but the people of Venezuela are finally fed up with it.  Hugo Chavez assumed room temperature many, many moons ago, and one of his acolytes is in there and just, if possible, made it even worse, and the people of Venezuela have had enough of their lives nationalized, they've had enough of the country nationalized, they've had enough of this socialism stuff, and they're rising up against it now.


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