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Bill Nye (Not a Science Guy) Blows it on the Global Warming Lie


RUSH:  Sometimes it gets so depressing.  I'm reading my tech blogs.  It's my hobby.  Folks, I'd love to call these out by name, but believe me it wouldn't be worth it.  It doesn't matter.  I know you're not going to go read them anyway.  But there is this one blog comprised of people who think they are engineers and scientists. They're 24, 25 years old -- maybe in their early 30s -- and it's just classic reading them. 

They are nothing more than the product of the propaganda they've been taught at every level of education.  For example: Global warming.  "It is undeniable.  It is as real -- man-made global warming is as real -- as the sun coming up," and apparently, I guess, one of the Sunday shows had a debate between Marsha Blackburn and Bill Nye, "the Science Guy," who is not a science guy.  Bill Nye, apparently when talking about the North Pole, held up a picture of the South Pole. 

But anyway, he believes in all this gobbledygook, and it's a hoax.  Democrats are reviving it, by the way. Kerry, Obama, they're reviving it just like they revive minimum wage and it gets their base going.  It expands the role of government.  But there's absolutely no evidence. It's a total hoax.  They're now focusing on the drought in California as part of global warming.  It's ridiculous.  The reason there's a drought in the Central Valley is because of water policy. 

They have simply diverted water from human beings to animals, endangered species! They've been doing this in California since I don't know when, the '70s and '80s. That's how long they've been doing it, and that's why there's a drought.  That's why there's an agricultural crisis in the Central Valley.  It's not because of global warming. It's because of water policy.  California doesn't have enough water naturally. 

They've got to take the runoff from the snowmelt, Hetch Hetchy in San Francisco. Southern California doesn't get enough rain; it's got to be diverted down there.  Southern California, ditto.  They're diverting water to save snail darters and things like that.  They've been doing it for years.  But none of that is given the time of day among these young, hip, know-it-alls.  I read this and I want to howl. If I had a chance to talk to these guys, how in the world would I get through to them? 

It's a challenge. 

It's something I ponder, 'cause I think one of these days it's probably going to happen somewhere. 


RUSH: So, anyway, I didn't watch this, I guess it was Meet the Depressed.  Bill Nye, the Science Guy, was debating Marsha Blackburn, a congresswoman from Tennessee, about global warming.  Look, those of you who listen here regularly know that the whole hoax has been exposed thanks to the treasure trove of e-mails leaked from the University of East Anglia in the UK.  All of the data faked.  All of the charts rigged, from ancient times to the current.  Any data that showed there was no warming when there should have been was suppressed.  Any data that did not show sufficient warming when they wanted it to was also suppressed and rearranged.  I mean, they just made it up. 

Now, it's long since been forgotten, but at the time everybody paying attention realized that some of the key players in the man-made global warming argument are involved in this.  I mean, it's just ridiculous.  You go back, I remember watching in 1985 This Week with David Brinkley, and there's this scientist on named Oppenheimer.  And he's warning everybody (paraphrasing), "We got 20 years.  Actually not 1985.  It was 1980.  We got 20 years.  Now, we can't conclusively say that the earth is warming, and we can't conclusively say that man is causing it.  But we've only got 20 years, and we must err on the side of assuming we are causing it and it is getting warmer.  Because if we miss it, we're going to totally blow our effort to fix it in 20 years." 

Well, I'm watching that and I'm totally incredulous, just on the basis of my common sense.  A, you're telling me that you can't prove it, we don't know it, but we better act as though it's happening because if we don't, in 20 years it's going to be what, disaster?  It's going to get so bad we can't fix it.  Well, if you can't prove in 1980 that we're causing it, then what the hell are we going to do to stop it?  That was only one year after Newsweek had run a cover on the coming global cooling, a new ice age.  One year later it becomes global warming. 

And, of course, the guy is calling for massive tax increases, the United Nations to be involved, the creation of a worldwide agency to police developed countries to make sure they didn't pollute more than their share.  It's classic what was happening.  An absolute total hoax that they couldn't prove.  And even now, look it, I've taken you through this.  I'm not going to waste your time going through it anymore.  My point is, so I'm reading my little tech blog, and Bill Nye apparently in this debate with Marsha Blackburn said something innocuous as everybody knows that the earth is warming and that man is causing it.  They just took that quote and the little blog post:  Thank you.  Thank you, Bill Nye.  No, everybody doesn't agree with it. 

Anyway, that constituted debate victory for these guys.  And I think about this in the terms of we're going to have to find a way to permeate the minds of these young people who have been propagandized and who want to believe that there's disaster and imminent danger at every turn.  People get caught up in that.  It excites them.  But then there's also vanity, this silly notion that we're causing it.  And then the doubly silly notion that we can stop it.  It's so absurd.  When you just stop to think about it, it's absurd to believe what they are teaching, which is that progress, human progress is destroying a planet created by God and placing us on it for the express purpose of having dominion over it.  They don't believe in creation or God, many of them, is one of the things. 



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