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Obama Desperate to Reverse Bad Polls as Midterm Election Looms


RUSH: So I note now here comes the Democrats and John Kerry dragging it out there. The base has been upset for the last two or three years. Since 2010 Obama's dropped the ball on climate change, hasn't done anything about it.  And it's crunch time coming up on the midterm.  Gotta keep the base excited.  So might do the Keystone Pipeline, but maybe not.  We're going to focus on global warming just like we're going to bring back the minimum wage.  It's just like from the Grooveyard of Forgotten Favorites, gonna go back to the greatest hits we know are going to rile up our base.  Who can oppose people earning more money and who can oppose saving the planet, of course.  And they figure that they can maybe reverse some of their fortunes because this polling data, Economist YouGov.com, I guarantee you... Let me withdraw the word "guarantee".  Nobody can guarantee. 

I'm telling you these elections coming up are going to be disastrous for the Democrats.  And I think, as I've said, they know it.  Now, a lot of people on our side are afraid to say that because they don't want to jinx it.  But over seven in ten Obama voters, 55% of Democrats, regret voting for Obama in 2012.  The poll asked those who voted for Obama's re-election a simple question:  Do you regret voting for Barack Obama?  Seventy-one percent said, yep, they do.  Twenty-six percent said, no, we're cool with it.  Eighty percent of white people said they regretted voting for Obama.  Sixty-one percent of black people said, no, they did not regret voting for Obama.  That still leaves 39% of African-Americans who did not say they voted for Obama's re-election. 

Get this now, 100% of Hispanics, 100% said they regretted voting for Obama in 2012.  And that's before the Republicans have done anything on amnesty.  Before the Republicans have done anything on immigration, other than propose things.  Eighty-four percent of women said they regretted voting for Obama.  Sixty-one percent of men said they regretted voting for Obama.  In addition to the 55% of Democrats who said they regretted voting for Obama, 71% of independents said they regretted voting for Obama.  Now, stop and think of this: 61% of blacks, 100% of Hispanics, 84% of women, 71% of independents say they regret voting for Obama. 

So it's time to reach out and start rebranding and it's hello climate change.  It's let's go back to one of the Grooveyard of Forgotten old Favorites of the Democrat Party and the American left, climate change, manmade, we're causing it, we'll grow the government, we'll protect the planet.  We can save it, of course.  Nobody but the Republicans want to destroy it.  By the way, The Economist is a magazine that's the preference of the elites in both parties.  The Economist is not a rag.  So if The Economist does a poll it's credible.  YouGov.com.  Given the choice of Obama versus Romney, Obama supporters said they would stick with their guy, 79% to 10%. 

Take Romney out of it.  If it was a question of would you vote for Obama again, not would you vote for Romney instead.  If it was just: would you vote for Obama, do you regret your vote for Obama, is what it was.  Yep, they do.  Another poll that shows if the election were held today, Romney would win.  Meanwhile, Obama is out talking about using his phone and his pen to do executive orders as though he's got this tremendous mandate from the people to bypass Congress.  And you've seen the polling data on that, vast majorities of Americans oppose him making up law on the go.  They oppose him acting outside the Constitution.  He's out there acting like he's got a mandate to do it.  And he doesn't. 



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