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Obama the Magician to Double Gas Mileage By 2025!


RUSH: Amy, Sonora, California, great to have you on the EIB Network.  Hello.

CALLER:  Good morning.

RUSH:  Hi.

CALLER:  I wanted to touch on this morning being aware of Obama -- well Fox News was discussing Obama, that he's going to be getting together with the EPA and implementing regulations on diesel trucks on the semi trucks at a federal stand.  So making federal mandated emission stuff for the semi trucks.  Well, I don't know if you've heard any of this stuff going on, but I think that the reason why he's now doing this federally is kind of curtailing to what's going on with us truck owners in California right now.  The regulations that are being put on us, we're just single truck owner operators, most of us.  There are big companies also, but for most of us, we're just small business people.  There are thousands of us, Rush, getting put out of business in California.

RUSH:  I know.  I know.  The big guys can withstand it and you can't.

CALLER:  Yeah.

RUSH:  So Obama's coming along removing some competition for the big guys.  But everybody is getting hurt.  You happen to stand the risk of being run out of business with these new standards, these fuel efficient.  Why do you think Obama's doing this? 

CALLER:  I think that honestly the reason why he's picked up on this now is because there's several lawsuits that are filed against the California Resource Board, but there's also one that's filed against them based on their violation for the commerce clause and the Constitution.  And I feel that if he is going to be able -- because the only way that California as a state can interfere with interstate commerce is if it's a federal regulation.  Well, it's not.  So the only way for this stuff to get pushed through would be for Obama to come and help his cronies in California by passing some federal law, then it's federal for everybody and then they can go ahead and do what they're doing to us.

RUSH:  Even after you go through all that, there's a political reason for doing this.  It's not an environmental -- I mean, it's touted as saving the environment and anti-pollution and that is just the phony-baloney plastic banana good time rock and roller sales pitch to get low-information people to support it, but that's not what's going on here.

CALLER:  No, it's not.

RUSH:  The 2014 midterm is about reviving global warming or climate change.  It's about getting his base in gear.  But ultimately it is about what you said.  Federal control over interstate commerce. 

CALLER:  His words were, by the end of his term he's going to have serious regulations that the EPA is going to be putting on semi trucks for pollution by the end of his term is what he said.

RUSH:  The EPA is going to be doing this, Amy, on their own.  It's just going to be regulations. They're going to be able to slap this stuff.  Nobody can do anything about it.  It's not going to happen legislatively.  There will not be a debate about it.  This is pure statism.  I happen to have, ladies and gentlemen, the audio sound bites of Obama announcing this travesty.  The Democrat Party has these greatest hits: raise the minimum wage, climate change, pollution.  They have these things they just keep recycling over the years.  And they do it for political purposes to advance their agenda, obviously.  But you'll notice nothing is ever fixed.  How many years? 

For eight years I had to listen to Clinton bellyache about CAFE standards.  (imitating Clinton) "Yep, corporate average, fleet, whatever it is Limbaugh, CAFE standards.  CAFE standards."  It's just BS.  They never fix anything.  They come along and they present the crisis of the day.  They then announce their solution.  They implement the solution.  It never gets fixed.  We're never done with it.  They always keep coming back for more.  Let's go to the audio sound bites.  This is Obama today.  He was in Upper Marlboro, Maryland at a Safeway supermarket, distribution center, talking about fuel efficiency standards in the economy.  Now, I thought Clinton fixed this back in the '90s.  CAFE standards and all this crap.  And they just keep coming back for more. 

OBAMA: We're going to double the distance our cars and light trucks can go on a gallon of gas by 2025.  We're going to double it.

RUSH:  How? 

OBAMA: That's big news.

RUSH:  How are we going to do it? 

OBAMA: What it means is you've gotta fill up every two weeks instead of every week.  And that saves the typical family more than $8,000 at the pump over time.  I'm assuming you can use $8,000 that you're not paying at the gas station.

RUSH:  You see how this works?  He's a magician.  By 2025 you're going to get double the gas mileage.  Why 2025?  Why not next year?  Okay.  If that's too soon, why not 2018?  Why 2025?  And how is it going to happen?  And what in the name of Sam Hill is going to have to happen, what in the world are you going to be driving that's going to double your gas mileage?  What kind of putt-putt are they going to be demanding you drive?  It's just magic.  We're going to double the distance our cars and light trucks go on a gallon of gas by 2025.  Okay.  Cool.  Man, this guy Obama, he's great.  Really?  How are we going to do this? How is this going to happen and how is anybody going to be saving $8,000?  People are going to have to be buying vehicles they don't want.  This is just irresponsible.  He describes next how he is instructing his minions to make this magic happen.

OBAMA: Today I'm directing the Director of Transportation, Anthony Foxx, former mayor of Charlotte, and Gina McCarthy, the administrator of EPA, two outstanding public servants, their charge, their goal is to develop fuel economy standards for heavy duty trucks that will take us well into the next decade, just like our cars. 

RUSH:  The only problem is these two people are clueless.  They don't know anything about this.  They're going to issue all kinds of regulations and demands on an industry they haven't the slightest understanding of.  But you're not going to know any of that.  All you're supposed to know is that just like your health insurance premium was going to be $2,500 less, now you're going to be saving $8,000 a year on your gasoline by the time 2025 comes around. 

So I just want you to remember what happened, you were told you can keep your doctor and your insurance plan if you liked it, and your premium is going to come down $2,500.  Now as you think forward how great it's going to be to save $8,000 a year in your gasoline costs in 2025, think about what's really going to happen and you're not going to be saving any money.  You're not going to be doubling your mileage.  If your mileage doubles, it's not going to be because of anything these clowns do because they don't have the slightest understanding.  Are you kidding me?  Gina McCarthy and Anthony Foxx?  Two bureaucrats are now going to make this magic happen on fuel mileage.  Here's Obama wrapping up. This is Obama painting the picture of how overwhelmingly successful everything else he's done is. 

OBAMA:  The goal we’re setting is ambitious. But these are areas where ambition has worked out really well for us so far. Don't make small plans. Make big plans. And anybody who had dire predictions for the auto industry said we couldn't do it, manufacturers couldn't bring jobs back to America; every time they say that, they’re proven wrong. Every time somebody says you can't grow the economy while bringing down pollution, it’s turned out they’ve been wrong.

RUSH:  Nobody said that.  Nobody of any consequence says that you can't grow the economy while bringing down pollution.  You can't grow the economy when people like Obama are president is the answer. 


RUSH:  Okay.  So we're going to create all these new jobs.  We're going to double your gas mileage.  We're going to save you eight grand by 2025.  Just remember what happened to your $2,500 premium reduction in your health care insurance, and remember all those green jobs that we were going to create with Solyndra.  Remember all of these wind energy and solar energy Obama plans. All those jobs and all of that innovation, remember all of that that was going to happen?

Yeah, I'm sure you do. 

You also remember that it didn't happen. 

It's just more empty promises filled with gobbledygook. 



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