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Pearls of Wisdom

"Obama spent $385,000 to study duck penises and $8,400 to see if mice get drunk. That's stimulus money."

"I can give you two words to explain why you go back and look at Hillary Clinton's past. Barack Obama. Barack Obama was not vetted. The Drive-By Media did not look into who he was. We all did, but they didn't."

"Obama was not Messianic. He was nothing special. He was nothing never before seen in American politics. He was just a standard, ordinary Democrat activist, community organizer, agitator and rebel rouser and a committed big government socialist type of guy who was in favor of single payer health insurance, government run healthcare. All of this. He had a radical preacher. All of this was easily knowable. It just wasn't reported."

"Barack Obama is a living, breathing, walking example of why you do look at every aspect of somebody who wants to be president."

"YouGov.com poll: 71% of Obama voters regret voting for his re-election. Seventy-one percent, but we better not criticize him. Fifty-five percent of Democrats regret voting for Obama's re-election. Not the first time, but in 2012."

"You might be surprised at how many low-information voters think that Obama watching television is cool and makes him just like all of us."

"The government picking and choosing who gets money and where it comes from is not genuine economic activity. It is artificial. It's picking winners and losers and there's no substance behind it. And there was no substance to this stimulus. It never had a prayer."

"There is no stash, folks. We don't have a single dollar sitting around not being used that we can use to pump up other economic activity. This Keynesian stuff, it's never worked."

"We're getting to the point in our culture, I sense anyway, that the concept of freedom, if you discuss with people in the context of freedom being taken away, some people smirk and laugh at you. It kind of reminds me of back in the '80s, to start describing certain people as communists was ineffective, because nobody wanted to believe it."

"The whole concept of freedom, it's not insignificant. It is huge. It is the reason this country became what it is. It is why this country remained what it became. It is also why there hasn't been another United States anywhere else in the world, because there hasn't been any other country that has declared the natural state of the citizen his freedom."

"100% of Hispanics, 100% said they regretted voting for Obama in 2012. And that's before the Republicans have done anything on amnesty. Before the Republicans have done anything on immigration, other than propose things."

"People who want to control people's lives, have high taxes and big government are behind it. That's all you need to know to know that it's a hoax."

"Isn't it interesting, when Ronald Reagan was president, or George W. Bush, all they talked about was the actual numbers, the deficit is $300 billion, 300 trillion. Now all of a sudden when it's Obama we talk about the percentage of debt compared to GDP. Gobbledygook."

"There is no stash, folks. We don't have a single dollar sitting around not being used that we can use to pump up other economic activity. This Keynesian stuff, it's never worked."

"The reason there's a drought in the Central Valley is because of water policy. They have simply diverted water from human beings to animals. Endangered species. They've been doing this in California since I don't know when, the '70s and '80s."


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