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The Climate is Always Changing


RUSH:  I want you to have sound bites 18, 19, 20 standing by.  It's Obama talking about his global warming initiatives here on new fuel standards and so forth, which are not going to mean a hill of beans to anybody except consumers who will eventually be forced to buy stuff that they don't want. ...  So I think it's the UK Guardian. Let me click on it real quick.  Is it The Guardian? 

Yeah. It's a left-wing rag in the UK, and they've got a story up. You know what? Maybe it's time to join the preppers, the people getting ready for world destruction, because of global warming.  "Is It Time to Join the 'Preppers'? How to Survive the Climate-Change Apocalypse." They talk about the snow, and they talk about the rain, and all of it that they've had in the UK this year and last year. 

They talk about how much colder it is than usual, and they say, "Oh, see, this proves it," which just goes to illustrate something else that I always have said and believed and that is that everybody's historical perspective begins with the day they were born.  It is amazing.  It's a function of human nature.  Everybody... Not everybody.  So many people think that the worst times of all times are when they're alive.

The end times, the worst times. Very few people actually believe that it's better than it's ever been when they're alive.  But a lot of people can be made to believe that it's never been worse.  So here you have these dunderheads with a couple of bad winters, and all of a sudden it's never been this bad in the entire history of the world!  They don't stop to think of ice ages where there wasn't any place for them to live where they live now because it was all covered with ice. 

It really boggles the mind.  So now they've got this story out (paraphrased), "You know what? There's a climate change apocalypse coming and it's time to get on board here because we've got to do whatever we can to survive," and then they cite all the cold weather in the UK and here.  But here's the thing about it: In Philadelphia, this is the third snowiest winter on record.  Third.

Not first.

Not worst. 


There have been two winters with much more snow than this one.  And, yet, this one -- because this one's happening when people are alive -- "Oh, my God, it's bad! It's the apocalypse! Oh no, it's global warming!  Oh, no, we're going to die!" This happens to be the second snowiest February in New York City on record.  Not the first.  The second.  There has been a worse winter for snowfall in New York than this year. 

Not tied to global warming. 

And, by the way, this is only since records have been kept, which is, what, 100 years, which is a speck of dust on the timeline of earth?  Drudge has a story: "Epidemic of Potholes."  There have never been more potholes than there are today!  Global warming!  How does anybody really know that?  What does it really mean anyway?  "Idaho Family Walks 19 Miles After Getting Stranded." Oh, nobody's ever had to walk 19 miles! 

You people, have you ever heard of the Donner Party? They ate each other as they died in the Sierra Nevada Mountain Range!  And their diary, when it was discovered, the only thing about the weather that was written was it was an unusually harsh winter. Unusually harsh winter! There wasn't any big wringing of hands and worrisome stories, just "unusually harsh winter."  Some of the Donner Party didn't make it and some had to resort to cannibalism to stay alive. 

That's how bad it was.  Nobody was talking about global warming or climate change, and nobody's talking about those instances now.  No, it's all based on what's happening now.  I have a simple question.  I mean, these are the things I think about.  The reason I know this is a hoax... I don't need East Anglia to know it's a hoax all I need to know is who is behind it.  The worldwide left.  Socialists international. 

People who want to control people's lives, have high taxes and big government are behind it.  That's all you need to know to know that it's a hoax, that it's made up of, it's a vehicle to achieve something else.  That's all I need to know. But I don't stop there. I try to permeate all of this nonsense with logic.  Simple question like this: So here we are on February 18, 2014.  Last year it was February 18, 2013. 

Next year it's going to be February 18, 2015.  How do we know that the weather, the climate, as it is today is the norm? How do we know that.  Don't we kind of have to know what the norm is before we can really start talking about whether or not there is significant change in it?  You notice that everybody who believes this nonsense believes that things happening today are the norm.

And therefore any deviation means there's something dramatic going on.  But how do we know that the norm didn't happen in the 1910s?  How do we know that whatever was going on climate-wise in the 1920s isn't the norm?  How do we know what the norm is?  We don't know what the norm is.  In fact, is there a norm?  The climate's always changing, and the bottom line is that every living organism has to adapt to it! 

Decade by decade, generation by generation, year by year.  But what is the norm?  Where is this assumption that the last 20 years is the norm? I first started hearing about the modern era of this, as I say, in the 1980.  This is 2014.  How many years?  That's 34 years.  So 34 years have gone by and 34 years ago we were told, for the first time, we only had 20 years.  Then Ted Danson came along in 1988 saying, "We only have ten years to save the oceans."

Al Gore said, twice, that we've only got 10 years.  We're still running our Gore countdown on RushLimbaugh.com. It was 10 years to destruction, 10 years to the end of man.  These people make these outrageous claims.  But how do we know that what's happening in the climate and the weather right now is the norm?  How do we know, for example, that a lot of snow in New York and Philadelphia and Boston isn't the norm? 

There's no way we can know this.  We don't have records for the entire length of time the earth has been spinning on its axis.  We don't know what the norm is.  All we do is adapt.  That's what we're able to do better than any other living organism.  I haven't seen a dolphin build a hospital.  I once told a guy that on the radio.  He said, "Well, Rush, they don't have hands."  "Oh, if they had hands they'd be building hospitals?"

"Damn right they would! We have hands and they don't."  He wouldn't accept that we're smarter than dolphins; we're just luckier by evolutionary design.  But if you can't tell me that this is the norm, or that 20 years ago was the norm, or take anytime -- if you can't tell me what the norm is -- then you can't tell me what the abnormal is.  And, by the way, if it's gone up one degree Celsius in 100 years, who in the hell is going to notice?

Maybe some plants or equatorial regions. Who the hell knows? But that's not going to cause sea level to rise 15 feet and flood and end New York City.  So much common sense is just simply absent -- a bunch of gobbledygook, scientific rigmarole that's presented as an esoteric and brilliant intellectual scientific analysis is put forth to explain all this.  But it can be pierced with simple common sense with one question:  How do we know that the last 20 years is what's normal on earth? 

Who can tell us what that is -- and, by the way, doesn't it snow in February?  And doesn't it get cold in February?  That's normal.  It gets hot in July and August.  (At least, in our hemisphere it does.)  What's abnormal about this?  Okay, we've had a lot of rain. We have droughts, droughts in California -- manmade, by the way, not global warming.  We've got floods and all that in Europe. 

How do we know that the weather gods aren't mad at what the Europeans are doing with immigration policy?  I mean, that's as much sense as the global warming people are making.  I'll just chalk up the weather gods are ticked off for some reason and are flooding people.  Prove me wrong, because the global warming cannot prove they're right -- and the smart ones don't even try.  The smart ones say, "We're not sure but we can't take the risk.

"We've got to assume we're right and start preparing.  That's the smart thing to do."  Oh, oh, yeah. Okay, what are you going to do?  "I'm going to raise taxes.  We need another government agency to put the UN in charge of it." Ohhh, I see, so the solution to the climate behaving in threatening ways is more government? "You got it, Limbaugh! You got it. Now you understand."  Okay.  Cool, now then I know what it's all about.  

Climate has nothing to do about it.  I know a spent a lot of time on this.  It might bore you. Folks, this is one of the fundamental things that if more people could be led to this to understand it... If we're going to have to at some point, if we're going to beat this back, we're going to have to find ways to poke holes in as much of liberalism (and, particularly, with young skulls full of mush) as we can. 

Because they sign up with this stuff unquestioningly.  And you know how it works.  They guilt people into it: "Okay, you've been destroying our planet.  You didn't know it!  You didn't know it!  You're driving a big car, eating a lot of barbecues outside, keeping your thermostat at 72.  You didn't know it, but you are really causing a lot of CO2 and that's creating a greenhouse effect and that's warming the planet. (sigh)  But you can make amends." 

Oh, yeah, how?  "You go out and buy this piece of junk that we call an advanced-mechanism car and then you agree to pay higher taxes and then you agree to keep the thermostat down. Basically what you must agree to do is stop participating in progress.  You must simplify your lifestyle.  You must stop wasting things.  You must stop consuming.  You must turn more of your life over to government.

"And when you do that, working together, we can save the planet."  Now, that's a seductive message to a bunch of young people.  Oh, no, they don't simplify their lives.  Al Gore is still flying around with a big carbon footprint.  Obama flying around on two 747s and playing on golf courses in the middle of a drought in California that are soaking up water and so forth to stay green.  There's hypocrisy left and right with these people. 

But they are allowed because they have good intentions.  They are allowed to be exempted from the rules of life that they designed for everybody else, because they're the leaders attempting to save everybody -- and they have to fly around and spread the word.  They have to fly around to make their movies that are informing people. 

And they have to be able to go play golf and meet people in the drought areas. So they're always going to be excused.  The elites on the left will always find a way to be excused from even being blamed for their role in climate destruction.  They're doing everything that they've criticized others from doing, but they get a pass. 



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