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Total Lawlessness, a Disastrous Economy, and CBS Asks Obama About ... What He's Watching on TV


RUSH: This is CBS this morning and the co-respondent is Bill Plante.  We had the fifth anniversary of the stimulus yesterday.  We're in the midst of an absolutely devastated United States economy.  There is no end in sight.  We are also in the midst of the total wrecking of the American healthcare system.  We are in the process of tearing it apart and rebuilding it all under government control eventually.  No matter where you look, the jobs market, the economy, any Obama policy, no matter where you look, there is utter disaster. 

In fact, polling data out there, Washington Examiner, it's actually a YouGov/Economist Magazine YouGov.com poll: 71% of Obama voters regret voting for his re-election.  Seventy-one percent, but we better not criticize him.  Fifty-five percent of Democrats regret voting for Obama's re-election.  Not the first time, but in 2012.  Now, I'll get back to this in a second. Folks, look, we're in the middle of a transformation of this country.  We're in the middle of this country being torn down from the way it was founded and rebuilt.  We have mountainous debt.  We have a middle class that's shrinking and stagnating.

We have a story here about food prices in many places doubled but wages are stagnant.  And the question in the story is, experts think that the people may not really know how much food inflation there is.  What do you mean, they may not know?  They're the ones at the store buying it!  They knew about it before you experts did.  Anyway, my point is that no matter where you look, there is absolute disaster and incompetence everywhere. We're nominating people to be ambassadors to places they have never been.  We have that sound bite coming up.  "So, how many times have you been to Belize?" 

"I'm sorry, sir, I have never been. I don't think I could find it on a map." 

"Well, we hope you have a great time there as an ambassador, nevertheless." 

It's a joke.  The country is either being unraveled or it's unraveled. 

In the midst of that, here we are in the five-year anniversary of an absolutely disastrous worthless stimulus program. Do you realize we've spent eight thousand dollars to study duck penises that came out of the stimulus?  Wait a minute, eight thousand might be studying if mice get drunk.  Maybe it's $125,000 on duck penises.  I've got the list.  I'm not kidding, though, some of the things that money was spent on the stimulus. 

My point is, in the middle of all of this, when it comes time for CBS News to do a story on Obama the story is what he watches on television.  The fifth anniversary of the stimulus.  Obamacare falling apart.  Unqualified ambassadors.  Obama behaving in a lawless fashion.  And, by the way, more and more people are playing my sound bite and asking guests to react to it.  Fox played it for the second time, maybe third time, and they're asking Mike Lee to respond to it and others.  Bob Beckel, by the way, on Fox the other day (paraphrasing), "Can we play something besides Limbaugh or Krauthammer? There's got to be somebody other than Limbaugh or Krauthammer that we can react to."  That was funny.  So here's CBS and their focus of interest is what Obama watches on TV.  Here's Bill Plante. 

PLANTE:  He may be the leader of the free world, but when it comes to unwinding, President Obama, well, he's a lot like us.  The president tunes in to tune out, and when he needs his television, step aside.  That may have been how the CEO of HBO, Richard Plepler, felt last week at the state dinner for France.  Some who were there said that President Obama tracked him down and asked for copies of True Detective and Game of Thrones, and apparently President Obama wanted a preview.  The president has described TV as his biggest guilty pleasure.

RUSH:  Okay, so Obama's got time for golf.  He has time for college and pro-basketball on television.  He has time for endless fundraising.  He has time for endless vacations.  He has time now, we find out, for several TV shows.  And, in fact, we've now learned that the best way to get yourself invited to a state dinner is be an executive or producer at a TV show Obama likes so he can get advanced copies from you. 

But look at what he doesn't have time for?  He didn't have time to deal with Benghazi.  He turned that over to Hillary and whoever else. He was off the grid. Even today nobody knows where he went.  He didn't have time for Benghazi.  We don't know what he was doing the night four Americans were murdered in Benghazi.  Now, I'm not begrudging him all this, but I am questioning his priorities.  The president of the United States and we're getting news stories on what he watches on TV and the fact that he uses his power to track down executives and producers to get advanced copies.  Now, be careful on this, though.  One more bite from Bill Plante as he wraps it up.

PLANTE: Well, you know, it's not just television! The president loves movies too.  In fact, this afternoon the First Family will be in the White House theater watching the screening of the new movie Monuments Men about some US troops who recovered stolen Nazi art -- (haughty chuckle) or art stolen by the Nazis -- after World War II.

RUSH:  It's Tuesday. Presidents' Day was yesterday.  It's Tuesday and in the afternoon today, he's going to be watching a movie in the White House theater.  Now, the natural reaction to this is... I mean, you're experiencing it.  You're probably thinking, "What the hell did the President of the United States...?" Be careful.  It's just like the Miley Cyrus generation might think, "Whoa, Clinton did when he was president? Cool!"

The low-information crowd might end up saying, "Hey, Obama likes True Detective! Man, he's one of us. Obama likes Game of Thrones? Oh, he's cool."  You might be surprised at how many low-information voters think that Obama watching television is cool and makes him just like all of us.  Now, wait. If you're thinking that you would rather have him doing this than changing the country, that's a mistake. 

He's got his people delegated.

Do you think the IRS is going to take a day off from harassing the Tea Party while Obama's watching Monuments Men? It ain't going to happen.  Do you think HealthCare.gov is all of a sudden going to start working because Obama's watching True Detective?  Do you think Obama's minions at the FDA or the EPA are going to stop corrupting their departments because Obama has a screener of episode one of the Game of Thrones and he's going to watch it? 

Did we ever get a story on what Clinton watched on TV? Well, he didn't have to watch it; he was doing it.  But Reagan, Nixon? This is uncharted new territory.  But the media reporting on it is very happy, as though it's a positive. "Hey, look at what a great guy he is! Oh, look how common. Look at how just like us he is." (interruption) I'm sorry, it was $385,000 to study duck penises.  It was $8,400 to see if mice get drunk.  That's stimulus money. 



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