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When Will Someone Stand Up Like Ronald Reagan?


RUSH: Here's Patrick in Fairfax, Virginia.  Great to have you on the program.  Hello.

CALLER:  Hey, Rush, it's great to be with you.  First time speaking with you.  When I was a little kid, talking about little kids books, I was really into politics.  I was born in '76, and grew up during Reagan.  And I think what drew me to Reagan was his confidence and his strength.  And I think I was a political nerd early on watching C-Span.

RUSH:  I want you to pause, Patrick.  Grab sound bite five.  I want you to listen to something for me.  I want to get your reaction to this.  I wasn't going to play this bite today, because it didn't relate to anything, but you have made it relate.  It's Robert Caro, he's an historian, and he's written a lot about LBJ.  Loves LBJ.  LBJ bruising people, twisting arms, getting what he wants with hardball tactics.  Loves that.  He tells the story, he's on a PBS special, a President's Day edition of Charlie Rose last night.  They're talking about Reagan and his presidential abilities, and listen to this.  It's just 30 seconds.

CARO:  You know, when Reagan became president, everybody in New York at dinner parties, you know, were making fun of him. They had been in the White House.  So I was trying to write something about a State of the Union speech, Lyndon Johnson.  I’d never seen a State of the Union speech so I got a press ticket to the gallery.  And all of a sudden the speaker says, "the President of the United States."  And this figure comes through the door with this air of command; Reagan.  And I said, "oh, everyone in New York has this guy wrong."

RUSH:  That's the president you grew up with.  And you just said you remember his confidence and his strength. 

CALLER:  I remember, four years old watching his inauguration.  I mean, it's one of the more vivid memories I have as a little kid.

RUSH:  Right, now contrast the way you saw Reagan with Robert Caro describing the elites in New York.  What a dunderhead; he's a dunce and idiot.  That's what Caro believed.  He was with these people in New York and he sees Reagan in the majesty of the House chamber getting ready for the State of the Union, and did a total 180 and realized they were dealing with a formidable guy.

CALLER:  Yeah, and I wish -- there hasn't been anything like him since him.  But I guess one of the --

RUSH:  Well, that's how special he was.  You're right.  That's how unique and special he was.

CALLER:  My question is regarding health care, and I work in health care.  And it's a question regarding leadership.  Last year for us at the hospital, I work for Inova Healthcare.  It's a pretty big organization.

RUSH:  What do you do? 

CALLER:  I work as a resource coordinator.  I work with materials, materials management in the OR and surgical services.

RUSH:  For those in Rio Linda, he's gotta find the money.

CALLER:  What's that? 

RUSH:  I was telling the people in Rio Linda what resource management is.  They think it's taking out the trash and stuff.

CALLER:  People were getting laid off and it was just a miserable year.  Well last year followed by this year, this year is a uniquely miserable year because everybody's getting squeezed.  The good old days of health care are over as far as -- health care didn't get run tightly like it probably should have years ago.  I mean, health care was printing their own money at some point, but now those days are over.  So to some extent there needed to be some sort of changes in the industry.

RUSH:  You want to know why people aren't pumping arms over this disaster, right? 

CALLER:  Well, what I'm getting at is I think the thing needs to be fixed.  And Obamacare, you know, where he's got his name on it, there's no one person who you could look at that's taking charge of the law.  And what I'm thinking, just because of someone that watches politics and enjoys politics, is after these midterms, I would hope, and I would think that there's gotta be some sort of Republican faction, some Republican leader that puts his foot down and says:  "You know what, before the next presidential election, I'm going to be the guy that's going to be the face of this law that I didn't want to be the face of."

RUSH:  There are.  Right Mike Lee and Ted Cruz single-handedly are trying to become the face in the Republican Party elected politics of opposing this, repealing it, unfunding it, defunding it, getting rid of it.  But the problem is that people in their own party are trying to take them out. 



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