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Morning Update: The Problem

Libertarian students recently attended the 2014 Students for Liberty Conference in Washington DC. Among the guests: Hollywood filmmaker/conspiracy theorist Oliver Stone, and Jeremy Scahill, who writes for the commie-pinko magazine The Nation. They were on a panel called Imperial Overreach and the National Security State, and were scathing in their criticism of Barack Obama.

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Journalists Won't Put Up with Regime Monitors in Newsrooms? Don't Be So Sure...

RUSH: I want to start today with this story that the Regime is going to put monitors in American news organization newsrooms.  I had a fascinating discussion with two or three people here asking what they thought of it, and without fail, without exception, everybody I asked about this said without the slightest hesitation or doubt that the media will rise up in righteous indignation and opposition and will not put up with this.

Obama Asserts Federal Control Over Discipline in Public Schools

RUSH: They believe it is totally within their purview to do this -- and the point is that their starting point is that it's already inequitable, it's already unfair, and it's already racist.  Their guidepost for that is the incarceration rates.  They already believe that discipline is disproportionately racist because there are many more blacks in jail than there are whites.

Dutch Skating Coach: Football Kills, Sucks

RUSH: How recent has it really been that the American leftist media has been going after football on the basis that it kills? And the speedskating coach of the Netherlands is now saying that the reason we suck at the Olympics is because we are wasting time on a foolish sport like football, where we are purposely trying to kill people. 


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