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Affleck to Testify Before Senate as Expert on Congo
RUSH: Did you hear that Ben Affleck is going to testify to Congress as an expert on the Congo 'cause he starred in a move about it?  Right here it is. 

Fat is the New Normal

RUSH: Speaking of which, I have a story. Michelle Obama is leading the fight against obesity, and apparently there's a new norm now.  "Somewhat overweight" is now gonna be considered "normal."  It's just the new normal, certain amounts overweight, 'cause I guess we've gotten to the point where we realize we're just not gonna be able to get everybody down to normal size.

So we're just gonna have to proclaim a new normal that includes a little bit of overweight, but we're not gonna call it obesity. 

Will Ravens Stand by Ray Rice?
RUSH:  Did you see this story with the Baltimore Ravens and Ray Rice?  Have you heard about this? Ray Rice, number 27, the running back, apparently there is a video of Ray Rice dragging his unconscious fiancee out of an elevator is a casino in Atlantic City, and it says here that the Ravens face a tough decision on how to handle this because it's a domestic violence incident out there.  It's gone now from a simple assault to a summons, indicating that the authorities believe that the running back knocked his fiancee unconscious. 

It says here: "If the Ravens stand by Rice, they're going to face increasing pressure from fans and negative media attention to cut him.  If the Ravens cut Rice, they will lose a significant chunk of their salary cap," because guaranteed money and all that.  They don't even talk about if they keep him and what the women are gonna think and all that. 

I have a different take on this.  It says here, "The Ravens face tough decisions with Ray Rice."  Now, if the Ravens, if they are totally willing, which they were, to stand by and promote the unpopular and destructive, Unaffordable Care Act, they can stand by Ray Rice as far as I'm concerned.  They were one of the teams the NFL enlisted to help promote Obamacare, and they did.  So if you can stand for that, and if you can sit there and you can stand by Obamacare, then stand up for your player.  It's just one of those things.  Just a little side note.


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