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Pearls of Wisdom

"You control health care and you control every aspect of every citizen's life. You hold their lives in your hands. If they surrender their medical care to you, you own them."

"CNN wouldn't know a profit if it came and knocked on the newsroom door and stripped naked. They wouldn't see it. MSNBC would not know a profit. They are losing money left and right."

"The Republican Party is in total compliance with the Democrat Party, is it not, in terms of the party at the establishment level? Have they not been "nudged" into total compliance? And who are the holdouts? Me and talk radio and, some of them say, Fox News."

"Bob Beckel has confirmed that journalists of all three sexes are sleeping with their sources in Washington and have been for years."

"Everybody thinks that every other country has a constitution. The Brits do not have a constitution -- and, ergo, there's no actual First Amendment. There may be in practice the notion of a free press, but it isn't codified."

"There isn't any news. That's not what journalism is anymore. You don't go into journalism because you want to report news to people. You don't go into journalism because you want to find out first what's happening and be the first to report to other people what's happening."

"I'm not technically a journalist, because I laugh and smile and I love America. So I'm not a journalist."

"Governor Chris Christie at a town hall meeting yesterday said that he hopes someday that he and Bruce Springsteen can be friends again. He really hopes that Springsteen thinks he's a good guy, because Springsteen made fun of him with Fallon on the bridge thing. I'll have the sound bites for you on Monday. I'll remind myself."

"Who in the world is Obama losing the information war to? Me?"

" Remember, Hillary has had to dodge 'snipper' fire. Instead of 'sniper' they wrote 'snipper.' I thought it was funny, and I ran with it because that's what was printed. Sniper/snipper."

"When the Lewinsky scandal hit, you could see some of the journalists thinking, 'Why not me?'"

"Don't you understand that these journalists are, in effect, part of these administrations? That's what people can't get their arms around. Journalism in Washington is not in a cocoon. A journalist will leave and go work for a Congressman."

"People ask me all the time, 'How can a liberal Jewish person be so critical of Israel?' It's because they're liberals first."


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