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Dingellberry Retires... 53% Say Obama Not Respected on World Stage... Coming Tomorrow: Discussion of Apple Security Glitch...

What Took You So Long, CNN?

RUSH: Piers Morgan just got lopped at CNN.  What took them so long?  This guy hasn't had any audience since its first day... Every time I listen to Piers Morgan I want to clear my throat and blow my nose.  My God, the guy needs a saliva drain in his mouth. 

Don't Doubt Me: Back to the USSR

RUSH:  Vladimir Putin began reassembling the Soviet Union when he invaded Georgia and wanted to get rid of our ally there, Saakashvili. And, of course, Obama let him.  If you recall, Obama ended up praising Putin for invading Georgia, and Putin has done the same thing again, and he's done it without troops. He's done it in Belarus and he's doing it now in Ukraine.

When Did the "Hate Crime" Concept Begin?

RUSH: Think back in your life.  When did you first hear about it?  When did you first hear about hate crimes? "Okay, you have an assault on somebody.  It's bad. The assault's very bad. All of a sudden now, we're gonna call it a hate crime because the victim was gay."  When did that first start?  When did the concept of hate crimes and hate speech -- when did all of that start?  I think once you answer that, many other vistas will open up and become clear.


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