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"Who is imposing this rule on a majority of African-American players? Is it conservatives? Is it Christians? Is it pro-lifers? Is it the Moral Majority? No. It's rich, white, liberal elites who are telling black players in the NFL what they can't say."

"There's a lot in the news today that surprises me that it's in the news, and the reason that I'm surprised that it's in the news is that nobody cared about it the first time, so why do they think anybody's gonna care about it now."

"The First Amendment grants 'freedom,' by the use of that very word, to the press. Free speech. Free press. They have given up their freedom, is the point. They have tossed it away. They've chosen something other than a free press. They have chosen sides."

"To Samantha Power -- just like every other leftist and just like everybody in the Regime and just like everybody in our currently populated State Department -- militant Islam is not a problem; we are. In fact, mainstream Christianity poses a bigger threat to this country than radical Islam does, in these people's minds."

"You know, the story about the FCC monitoring is back. 'FCC Backs Off Newsroom Study.' You know, there are two things happening with this. A, they never back off anything. They just set it aside for a while where they can bring it back when nobody's looking."

"The media has chosen the narrative that they wish to support every day. They are all-in for the agenda. These monitors aren't needed. The guidance isn't needed. The media is very predictable."

"Every time I listen to Piers Morgan I want to clear my throat and blow my nose. I mean, some British accents are kind of seductive. His just sounded nasal. My God, the guy needs a saliva drain in his mouth. Anyway, he is gone. What took them so long?"

"There is no independent media, certainly not in Washington."

"What caused the Dust Bowl 80 years ago? There weren't any SUVs, so it couldn't have been CO2 buildup, because that wasn't an issue back then. So what caused the Dust Bowl? What was man doing 80 years ago that caused the Dust Bowl? Whatever it is, we're still doing it."

"The actor who plays the anchor on the HBO show Newsroom -- the character's name is Will McAvoy -- Jeff Daniels just tweeted -- and he's serious: 'Wait a minute. They ban the N-word but they can still say, 'Redskins'?' He's serious. It's nutso out there."

"You just can't find any intelligence anywhere you look, anywhere in the media anymore."

"You would probably be surprised to learn of the marriages that exist between people in the media and people in government, people in media and people in elective office, or at various cabinet bureaucracies or wherever. I mean, it's quite an incestuous revolving door."

"The drought in the California Central Valley has been caused not only by the US Fish and Wildlife Service but by state environmental agencies that are diverting water from agriculture to what are said to be endangered species. It isn't new, but, as a result, there is a drought, not because of global warming or man-made climate change, but rather man-made decisions on the distribution of water."

"Man, it must have been really bad when our silver medal winners are guests on TV shows."


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