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Prediction Modified: Left Eyes NFL as Propaganda Tool


RUSH:  Okay.  So I checked the e-mail, as I always do, during the obscene profit time-out, and there were a couple people who said, "Rush, this is somewhat interesting, but why are you spending so much time on it?"  I'll tell you exactly why.  Folks, this is what liberalism does to a culture and society.  It literally rips it apart. We're talking about the National Football League, but we're not, are we? 

We're not talking about football.  We're talking about policing speech and dictating behavior.  I, at one time... I'm gonna modify a prediction.  I, at one time, thought that all this was aimed at eliminating football, taking out the NFL. I don't think that anymore.  I think what has happened is the left sees a gigantic propaganda vehicle here. 

It's the most popular sport in this country that has beaucoup dollars, lots of commerce going on. It is the most watched television event whenever it is in prime time.  As such, it is seen now as a giant propaganda opportunity for the left to advance their agenda.  That's what all the focus on the meanness is and the injuries and the, uh, unfairness and the inequality and all the pink stuff, Breast Cancer Awareness Month (while prostate cancer goes ignored) and now this. 

The National Football League has become like the military: A social laboratory, playground, for the left to inculcate every little cultural thing they want to do to the country.  So now, it's a big deal that the first gay player is coming out.  Now it's a big deal. "We're gonna get rid of the N-word. We're gonna be..." Instead of wiping the game out, I think they're gonna take advantage of the opportunity of its massive popularity to use it.

They're still gonna destroy the game by turning it into nothing more than a liberal social laboratory, like they've done with the military, or tried to do with the military.  So the reason we're spending all this time is we're talking about the National Football League, and look what we're talking about here.  Who "owns" the N-word, for crying out loud!  How insulting is this?  How beneath us is this, to elevate this word and to try to even quantify it as, "Well, it's worth a 15-yard penalty, and then being kicked out of the game."

And you look at the various points of view that are springing up now, and the experts are who?  The experts are the media, sportswriters, and what are they doing?  They are claiming exclusive rights to opinions about it.  It's liberalism on parade, and you know me.  The more people who can be informed and educated to understand what this crap is, may be the only opportunity we have of ever really reversing it.  Now, that's not to diminish the importance of elections, but that's the end result of the proper information and education taking place. 



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