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Dingellberry Retires
RUSH: Now, we've had another major retirement announcement.  John Dingleberry is leaving the United States House after 58 years. Oh, yes. Dingleberry is leaving after 58 years in the House of Representatives.  He has been there so long he may as well live there.  But why is he leaving?  Why is Henry Waxman leaving?  Why is George Miller leaving.  These people are leaving because in their "tea leave" opinion they're gonna be in the minority and probably for quite a while, because these midterms...

Believe me, these people, they've got their internal not just polling data, but focus group data as well, and they don't want to be there in the minority.  They're not there to engage in the back and forth of collegial debate and all that.  They are there to wield power, and you don't do it from the minority, and they don't want to have to waste time stopping power. 

If they can't wield it, they don't want to be there.  There's nothing else's Dingell's gonna do.  We know he's not gonna go play shuffleboard, he's not gonna go play solitaire, he isn't gonna go play golf.  He just doesn't want to be there if he can't wield power, pure and simple.  Same thing with Waxman. The same with George Miller.  Now, that alone, sadly, doesn't mean everything, because what kind of Republicans are gonna win? 

If we get establishment Republicans who think there's nothing really wrong with the country other than they're not in charge of it, that there's no crisis, that we really don't have a debt crisis and there's not really a financial crisis, really -- if we get a bunch of Republicans who just want to trade seats and be in charge of the Big Government? Okay, it's one thing to get rid of Democrats. That's great.

It's one thing to get rid-of-liberals. But it was John O'Sullivan, former editor of National Review and former aide-de-camp Margaret Thatcher, who once said (I'm paraphrasing) an organization a group, a population, whatever group of people that is not actively, demonstrably conservative will become liberal.  Meaning that conservatism is a specific pursuit, and it is a specific mind-set, and it has to be fought for, maintained, taught, educated. 

It's a shame, too, because all it is, is conservatism is simply freedom.  Conservatism is simply self-reliance, self-responsibility.  It is the principles on which this country was founded, or the set of principles.  Liberalism, though, is easy.  It's gutless choice.  All you've gotta do is like pretend that you care about things, and you are assumed to have a big heart.  Anyway, my point is this: Just because liberal Democrats may be vanquished does not mean the alternative is going to be conservatives in power. 

So Dingell is retiring after 58 years, divided by two.  How many terms that?  It's just incredible.  He's the longest serving member of Congress to retire at the end of his term.  It's like the family business.  His father had the seat for 20 years, and now his wife is gonna run.  I don't know that for sure, but I wouldn't be surprised. 

"He won the seat at age 29 after the death of his father, a Depression-era New Dealer who served the district for 20 years. While she won't announce her candidacy Monday, his wife of 38 years, Debbie, a Democratic National Committee member and ... will almost certainly run." So they want to keep the seat in the family. 

53% Say Obama Not Respected on World Stage
RUSH: It's that 53% is the number Americans who think that the world is no longer respects President Obama.  Yeah, 53%. Yep.  Here it is. 

"For the first time, a majority... It's Politico, by the way.  "For the first time, a majority of Americans think President Barack Obama is not respected among world leaders, according to a new poll that found opinion has plunged 'dramatically' in the past year. Fifty-three percent now say Obama is not respected on the international stage, up from 43% a year ago, the Gallup poll on Monday shows."

So with polling data like this, it probably would stretch credibility for Nic Robertson to go to Kiev and ask 'em there how much they are grateful to President Obama for their revolution. 

Ha! Great question. 

Coming Tomorrow: Discussion of Apple Security Glitch

RUSH: Snerdley is asking me if I know what this security thing with Apple is.  They sent out a patch for the operating system on the iPhone and the iPad and the iPod Touch. The iOS 7.0.6.  They had a security vulnerability, but they haven't yet patched the Mac side.  But, yeah, I know what it is. Let me get into that in the next hour, because it's really fascinating.

If you go back, do you remember when Obama was running in 2008? Maybe it was after he was inaugurated.  He was hell-bent on keeping his BlackBerry, and Bush, for example, was not allowed to e-mail or anything because it's a security problem, and so he didn't.  He stopped e-mailing and texting and all that.  Obama insisted and wanted to use an iPhone.

And Obama himself said, "No, they won't let me use an iPhone because of security problems.  I have to stick with my BlackBerry," and nobody understood. "What's the difference?"  I think we now have the answer.  I'll explain it in the next hour.  It's kind of fascinating, actually.  You're not as vulnerable as the anti-Apple media wants you to believe, but it is something that you should be aware of and that they should fix. 


RUSH:  It's called a Man-in-the-Middle Attack, and you have to be on a public Wi-Fi system in order to be vulnerable -- or, if your private Wi-Fi system isn't password protected, you could be vulnerable, but don't panic about it. I promise, I'll explain this in the first hour, 'cause it is interesting to boot.


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