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Pearls of Wisdom

"Religious beliefs can't be used to stop anything the left wants to impose, unless they're Muslim religious beliefs, and then we have to honor those."

"Hackers are everywhere and they're constantly testing operating systems for vulnerabilities and ways in."

"The beginning of this program in 1988 really was the beginning of the end of the monopoly the left had in national media. That monopoly has now been broken. They want to put it back together, they want the monopoly back, and that's why they want to eliminate the opposition."

"Carville is saying that Ted Cruz makes the case that I would like made to the American people, and they're worried about that."

"There's no comparison between Apple and Republicans in terms of achievement, accomplishment, but in terms of being hated and despised, they're very close."

"In all the predictions I've made before Obama was nominated, before he was elected, before he was inaugurated, every damn one of them has come true, and it just makes me sick."

"There's all of this angst over what's going on in Arizona, but it doesn't matter what Governor Brewer does. If she doesn't veto this bill, the nearest liberal judge by five o'clock the same afternoon will declare the law to be unconstitutional, because we know by now the left doesn't accept any laws that they don't like."

"The NFL wants to legislate the N-word out of the spoken vocabulary on the field. The guy that runs the Fritz Pollard Alliance wants to take the game back to when it was pure and good in the 1950s. We can't go back to the '50s anywhere else in our culture, but we want to take the NFL back there."

"In the tech media and in the standard news media, think of Apple as the Republicans. They're despised and they're hated. The only difference is, Apple is number one and very successful and knows exactly what they're doing. The Republicans don't. There's no comparison between Apple and Republicans in terms of achievement and accomplishment, but in terms of being hated and despised, they're very close."

"So here we are five years in. The economy is wrecked. The health care system is totally taken over and rendered useless. Consumer confidence is way down. You know what happened in the housing industry. You know what's not happening in the job market. College graduates don't have anything to do. We got full-time work being pared down to part-time work. We got 92 million Americans not working. It's not an accident. It's not even a coincidence."

"Look at the body count in Afghanistan under Obama and compare it to the body count in Iraq under Bush. It's not a contest anymore. But you don't hear about it. Where is the anti-war movement? It doesn't exist, does it, when Democrats are in office?"

"This is the Regime behaving extraconstitutionally with executive orders, Obama doing everything he can to force their agenda on everybody, unelected, whether the law has been passed or not -- and the laws that have been passed are ignored. Laws that haven't been passed are enacted. That's not colonialism. That's statism. This is authoritarianism."


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