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Study: Sex Makes You Smarter

UK Daily Mail: "Why Having More Sex 'Boosts Your Intelligence' -- Research on mice finds sex increases production of neurons. Increased sexual activity floods the brain with oxygen, scientists say. Previous studies have shown sex decreases stress and burns calories. Next time your other half says they’re not in the mood for a romantic interlude, try telling them that it could make them [smarter]." Of course, we see evidence of this in hookers, right?  Don't we? 

This would explain why hookers are so smart, and able to outsmart people like Eliot Spitzer.  There may be something to this.

BBQ, Fried Foods Increase Risk of Dementia
RUSH: "Eating Barbecued and Fried Food Could Increase Risk of Dementia, Say Scientists." Now, the way to office this is to be having more sex.  If "Eating Barbecued and Fried Food Could Increase Risk of Dementia," then just go back to the previous survey here from UK Daily Mail and have more sex.  That'll boost your intelligence, as evidenced by the hookers, and that way can eat all the fried food and barbecued food that you want. 

Illustrating absurdity by being absurd.

HHS Watching Twitter for Flu
RUSH: The White House. You know, speaking of computer security, try this.  Now, this is from a website called NakedDC.com -- that's "nekkid," for those in Rio Linda.  NakedDC.com: "The White House is Going to Watch Your Twitter for Signs of the Flu."  This is what this website says.  "The NSA might be close to giving up on their massive cell phone metadata collection program because it’s yielded too much nonsensical information from random Americans that it's beyond being useful for anything..."

Now, I've never heard of this website, so I tell you this upfront. We find everything here, but it's out there.  They claim: "Today, it was revealed that the Health and Human Services department is on the lookout for a new social media search tool that will allow them to monitor all social media conversations in real time (along with complete social media archives), looking for people complaining of disease symptoms so that they can better track outbreaks through online whining."


I might be kidding.  I don't know if this website's a satire site.  I don't know about this site. I had ever heard of 'em before.  But I thought that since people are worried about computer security, I may as well put it out there, because what they want to do is they want access to Twitter for at least the last five years for health reasons.  They want to be able to monitor Facebook and Twitter in real time to listen to people whining about being sick and not feeling well, so they get a heads up on (maybe) disease outbreaks. 

That's the claim. 

Again, it's from a website I've never heard of, but it's obviously a website that's out there.  NakedDC.com.  It'd be an interesting test, how many people believe it.  You got the NSA out there collecting all this metadata. You know there are people who think that the government's monitoring their every move already.  You know there are people who think that, so this little bit of news? "Oh, yeah, they're monitoring your Twitter so that when you complain that you got a headache or the flu, they know they might be on the verge of getting an outbreak signal here and can get into gear faster into stopping it."

I'm just telling you what's out there. 


RUSH:  Okay.  We've confirmed it, ladies and gentlemen, from the Washington Free Beacon.  The Regime does want to monitor Twitter in order to get a heads-up on disease outbreak, so they say.  We even had it in the Limbaugh Letter.  So we don't need that website, NakedDC.  I never heard of it anyway.  But we've confirmed it. 

Harvard Writer: Free Speech Threatens Liberalism and Must be Curtailed
RUSH: Now, this is from The Daily Caller.  This is what I call a trusted website.  "Harvard Writer: Free Speech Threatens Liberalism and Must Be Destroyed -- If this Harvard University student got her way, free speech on campus would be abolished and professors with dissenting views fired, because radical leftism is the only permissible political philosophy and the First Amendment is a barrier preventing modern colleges from fulfilling their proper role as indoctrination camps.

"Her name is Sandra Korn." What is it with women named Sandra that makes them...? Oh, never mind.  "She is a senior at Harvard and columnist for the Harvard Crimson. In a recent column, Korn unambiguously insisted that the university should stop guaranteeing professors and students the right to hold controversial views and pursue research that challenges liberalism," because it is not challengeable, and it should not be... (interruption)

You think this is a satire piece? "The column's subtitle was even more direct: 'Let's give up on academic freedom in favor of justice.' Korn cited several instances..." Look, I've got a picture of this babe, and I'm telling you: I think she means it.  (interruption)

You can... You...  (interruption) You can... (interruption) It's not infallible, but, I mean, you can spot a liberal when you see one.  You just can!  I can.  I have liberal-dar. I'm telling you that I can look at somebody and tell you what they are.  I'm telling you.

(holds up picture) 

There, see? (interruption) Damn right.  Do you have any doubt?  "Free Speech Threatens Liberalism and Must Be Destroyed," and where is this woman being taught?  This is your elite, private education on steroids -- and this is the type of journalist-in-training who would have no problem with a government monitor in her newsroom, for example.  "Korn did not immediately respond to a request for comment. Her sharp rejection of intellectual freedom ... is common among left-wing activists at elite colleges.

"Last week, Erin Ching, a sophomore at Swarthmore College, took a similar view when she criticized her university for committing the unforgivable crime of allowing a conservative -- Christian thinker Robert George -- to speak on campus. ...'I don’t think we should be tolerating [George’s] conservative views because that dominant culture embeds these deep inequalities in our society.'" Look, this is not really unique. 

Look at the people who are pressuring newspapers to prohibit letters to the editor "denying" global warming.  What is it, the LA Times already has announced that they're not gonna publish letters from "climate deniers"?  There are two groups... Get this: There are two groups that tried with all kinds of public protests and spam e-mails and other attempts to force the Washington Post not to run Dr. Krauthammer's piece last Friday in which he expressed doubt about manmade global warming.

A bunch of people demanded the Washington Post not publish it.  This is not unique.  This is not satire.  This is not parody.  This woman, Sandra Korn, is real, and she's serious that free speech needs to be abridged because it is threatening liberalism.  It means that liberalism cannot hold up to scrutiny.  It cannot withstand a challenge.  If liberalism were infallible, if liberalism were so powerful and automatic, they would welcome challenges to it -- and they would welcome the attempt to persuade and to convert.

But instead they're threatened by it. (interruption) I think it is a movement already!  Snerdley asked me, "Is this gonna become a movement?" It is a movement!  This is what the left is.  Why do you think they want to get rid of this program?  Why do you think they want to get rid of Fox News?  Why do they want to silence criticism? What is Obama's modus operandi?  Eliminate the opposition.  This is already a movement! 

This woman has just written a column about it at Harvard with what appears to be an extreme view of eliminating the First Amendment as a way of silencing opposition.  But she's very honest.  The First Amendment, free speech, "threatens liberalism," meaning liberalism cannot thrive in an open society.  Liberalism is totalitarianism.  Liberalism is statism. It is authoritarianism. It is all of the horrible Isms, and it cannot thrive when there is open debate. It cannot survive challenges.

11 Million to See Health Care Costs Skyrocket

RUSH:  Tomorrow, 11 million Americans are gonna see their health care costs skyrocket, 11 million more than we thought. 

Google: GPA, Test Scores Meaningless
RUSH: I'll explain why Google doesn't care any longer about hiring top college graduates.  Dropouts are now more preferred at Google.  I'll explain why tomorrow.


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