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It's Comical: NFL Push to Ban F-Word... Did Biden Think He Became President This Morning?... Shocking CNN Audience Decline... TIME’s Ominous Warning on Gay Discrimination…

I Will Be the Last to Cave

RUSH:  I am gonna be the last person to cave.  I can't ever imagine myself caving, not like I see happening. I see people falling by the wayside and it's not just people on my side. I see people everywhere.  Despite polling data! I mean, this is the most confounding thing. 

Bill Donohue Schools Chris Cuomo

RUSH: Gay people don't have to have their rights violated by people of faith in Arizona because the left thinks that the people of faith in Arizona would if they could discriminate, because they've already made up their minds that they are bigots and homophobes because they are Republicans.  So it doesn't matter that there isn't any evidence of discrimination.  All that matters is the left knows they're thinking about it.


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