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Pearls of Wisdom

"I literally cannot foresee the day where I come to this program, behind this microphone, and begin speaking to you in a manner that would indicate I have given up what I believe."

"People say, 'You know, Rush, you need to get back on TV.' No, I don't. I'm on TV more than anybody who isn't on TV. I'm on TV more than a lot of people who are on TV."

"Wednesday night Ronan Farrow got the Cronkite Award for excellence in Exploration and Journalism. After three days on TV, gets the Cronkite Award for excellence in Exploration and Journalism. (laughing)"

"I'm beginning to think that people -- in addition to 10- and 13-year-olds -- need to read this. The Pilgrims escaped Holland and London for religious freedom. They came to the New World before there was an America -- for religious freedom."

"Your kids are gonna be driving around, they're gonna be listen to Beyonce. 'He Monica Lewinsky'd all over my gown.' Is that not something?"

"The Regime sent the EEOC or some bureaucracy after a trucking company in Illinois. They fired a couple of Muslims who refused to deliver alcohol or some such thing, and the federal government said, "You can't fire 'em for that! They've got their religious freedom!'"

"The Founding Fathers thought that the people in the judicial and legislative branches would be trying to get as much power from the executive as they could, but they would not just lay down and let an executive walk all over 'em."

"The National Football League. It's now grown even bigger. 'If you're gonna ban the N-word, you better ban the F-word.' That would be the gay slur F-word. You just have to laugh."

"Attorney General Eric Holder was hospitalized with chest pains. Did you know that? I wonder if Biden said, 'Oh, wow! I need to be sworn in as president!'"

"No matter where you go in the country (except in little enclaves of Democrats), everything that happens is universally opposed. We are genuinely being governed by a smaller and smaller minority, which somehow is able to bully everybody in the majority into shutting up. They're able to bully people into not only shutting up, but caving."

"The views expressed by the host on this show are not necessarily the views of the staff, management, sponsors of this station -- but they should be."


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