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It's Comical: NFL Push to Ban F-Word
RUSH: The National Football League. We mentioned it yesterday.  It's now grown even bigger.  "If you're gonna ban the N-word, you better ban the F-word." That would be the gay slur F-word.  You just have to laugh.

Did Biden Think He Became President This Morning?

RUSH:  I wonder if Joe Biden thought this morning that he almost became president.  Eric Holder was hospitalized with chest pains.  Did you know that?  Eric Holder, the attorney general, had chest pains.  I wonder if Biden said, "Oh, wow! I need to be sworn in!"  Well, you know old Joe.  "Hey, Chuck, stand up! Oh, God bless him. God bless me. Ah, Chuck, can't walk. He's in a wheelchair. Aw, come on! Let's stand up for Chuck," while looking right at Chuck. 

"Stand up, Chuck!

Shocking CNN Audience Decline
RUSH: By the way, nobody is watching CNN. I've got these numbers, as I mentioned. Anderson Cooper, at eight o'clock, dropped 47% of his audience from last February to this.  That's rounded up. They lost half the audience left in one year, and this has been a trend.  It didn't just start last year.  Erin Burnett OutFront dropped 39%.  Piers Morgan was...

Everything is down nearly 50% at CNN, and yet the changes that they think they're gonna make just gonna compound are the problem.  It's really amazing to watch this.  How can I explain this?  Here I go again. Back in the old days when I was young and starting out, there was a profound respect. People might not have liked them -- nobody likes the boss -- but there was a profound respect for the people that ran major broadcast outlets, radio stations and networks. 

You might have had your oddballs, and some were not quite as good as others, but you just didn't swerve into a job like that -- and if you goofed up, you paid a price. I can remember the guys that they would appoint to be president of the primetime division. Those guys might not last two seasons, depending on what happened, and they didn't have to lose 50% of their audience to be thrown out.

If they lost 10%, or if they picked a bomb show, they were gone.  I have never seen executives hang on for 10 or 15 years like this, in a constant decline, a constant slide.  And every executive they hire to reverse it only compounds it and makes it worse.  MSNBC, CNN, I've never seen anything like this.  Well, it almost is like being a union member or something, but it's just a dramatic change, and it's a lowering of standards. 

(interruption) Well, the union members are public companies, but again, the public companies are so big that they make enough profit in other divisions to prop these up financially, but that's not even the point.  Who wants to sit there and suck with 200,000 viewers on a nationwide cable news network?  I mean, who wants to beat their chest and say, "I'm president of that"?  It just continues to get worse, and the people they think are gonna attract viewers have no prayer, no hope. 

So CNN goes out and hires somebody that nobody wants to watch, and 60 Minutes says, "Wow.  We like the guy, too!"  So they pick him up, and it's not just one person.  This stuff is incestuous.  It just boggles the mind, and I'm speaking to you as somebody deeply embedded in the industry.  So I'm playing sound bites.  You're going to constitute a much larger audience listening to these sound bites than what saw this live this morning. 

I don't know how... I mean, if I worked at this network and I had audiences this small, I would be embarrassed.  I'd be thinking, "I'm getting canned tomorrow," and yet, quite the opposite.  They end up with more importance.  They get longer contracts with raises in them!  It's all political; I understand that.  That's the difference.  The cloak covering the objectivity is gone now, and it's all-in for the agenda, and that determines whether you keep the gig or not. 

"Are you on board for the agenda?  Are you willing to sacrifice for the agenda?  You're our guy," and it's just so different.  My point is no matter where you look in our culture, standards are just plummeting.  Standards of excellence, achievement, accomplishment.  They don't mean anything anymore. 

TIME’s Ominous Warning on Gay Discrimination
RUSH: TIME Magazine today, quote: "6 Proposals Denying Service to Gays You Haven't Heard About -- The controversies in Arizona and Kansas could be just the beginning." It's an ominous warning about all of the hidden threats of discrimination against our homosexual brothers.


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