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Richie Incognito Beat Up His Own Ferrari
RUSH: This is my hobby time.  I'm scanning various unshow-prep-related news sites, and I see that Richie Incognito's Ferrari is beat up.  Somebody messed up his Ferrari, took a baseball bat to the front grille and to the hood of his Ferrari.

There was a picture of the bat. The baseball bat that was used to beat up the Ferrari was on the grass near the Ferrari.  The Ferrari's in the parking lot right up against the grass there, and there's the red T-shirt or something over the driver's side mirror on the door, and it was tough to see the damage 'cause the TMZ logo on the picture was all over the image. But it claimed that it was in Scottsdale. That's his off-season home.  Well, it turns out, ladies and gentlemen, Incognito beat up his own Ferrari himself. 

That's what he told the cops yesterday morning. 

He beat up his Ferrari himself.  He admitted he took the bat to his own car.  He was mad about something.  We don't know about what.  Maybe his car looked gay.  Who knows?


RUSH:  Some people think Incognito beat up his car as a precedent for the insanity defense, should he need it.  He could have just been bullying the car.  Maybe he thought... I don't know, but he did beat up his own car. He admitted he beat up his own car.  (interruption) Now, don't... (interruption) Yeah, he should have said he'd taken Ambien. 

Florida Restaurant Adds Obamacare Surtax
RUSH: I have a story.  Let me find it here.  It won't take me long to find it 'cause, frankly, the Stack today is not that big.  It's a bunch of restaurants who are now adding Obamacare surcharges. 

I have it right here.  Gators dockside is a restaurant chain, and they have begun charging a 1% Obamacare surcharge in an effort to help fund their employees' health insurance.  They're calling it "The ACA Surcharge," but who knows what ACA is? It's the Affordable Care Act.  This is a Florida restaurant, and they're adding 1%. So I've got a copy of a receipt from this place.

Somebody went in, had two iced teas, a chicken sandwich with rib sauce, fries and a chili cheese dog with homemade coleslaw. No bread.  The total was $21.15, and the tax was $1.49.  They added 20 cents as the Obamacare surcharge.  They added 20 cents and made the total $22. So pretax the bill was $21.15, then there's $1.49 the tax, an added 20 cents, for a total bill of $22.84. 

They've got a sign welcoming patrons at the door that says, "The costs associated with ACA compliance could ultimately close our doors. Instead of raising prices on our products to generate the additional revenue needed to cover the costs of ACA compliance, certain Gator's Dockside locations have implemented a 1% surcharge on all food and beverage purchases only." ACA is Obamacare.

So what they're telling their customers is, "Look, we're gonna add a 1% surcharge.  We're not gonna raise the cost, not gonna raise the price of our chili cheese dogs. We're not gonna raise the price of iced tea or the chicken salad with rib sauce.  We're just gonna add a 1% surcharge because we don't want to raise the price, and we don't want to have to fire our employees, and we want to stay in compliance with Obamacare.

So it's gonna cost you an additional 1%. 

"According to Sandra Clark, the director of operations for Gator’s Dockside, the fee will allow the restaurants to continue to employ many workers full-time. Such employees would have otherwise been forced to part time due to the Obamacare employer mandate, which requires employers to provide health insurance to all those working 30 hours a week or more.

"Clark estimates that they will bring in about $160,000 from the surcharge, which will partially offset," you ready for this? "the $500,000 the company estimates it will incur insuring all of its full-time workers" throughout the chain.  This is Gators Dockside. Obamacare has raised their costs a half a million dollars if they continue to offer health insurance to all their full timers.

They have added a 1% surcharge to defray the half million, so that they are estimating this 1% surcharge will bring in 160 grand, which will help them more easily afford the half a million.  Now, you might say, "Well, why don't they raise it 2%, that bring $320,000?" At some point, people are gonna stop going.  That's what they've made the decision here to just lop this off on Obama.

(summarized) "Hey, look, this the government! We're not raising the cost of the chili cheese dog. We're not raising the cost of the chicken sandwich. We're just adding 1% to the bill so that our employees can stay employed and have health insurance -- and, by the way, we thank you, our customers for paying the 1%."  But it's their way of letting everybody know, "Hey, it's the Regime!" Now, Sandra Clark. I'm sure everybody at Gators Dockside listens to this program. 

Sandra, would you let us know if and when you hear from the IRS on this surcharge and what they tell you about it?

Treasure Trove of Documents Released by Clinton Library and Massage Parlor
RUSH:  No, no. I thought I just saw something on TV that had my mouth open, but I didn't. It wasn't what I thought. Never mind.  It wasn't anything, but I thought it was. I thought it was something about a treasure trove of documents from the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor. 

Durbin: Cancel "Friday Night Tykes"
RUSH: Politico: "For Sen. Dick Durbin, even if there are clear eyes and full hearts on the Esquire Network's Friday Night Tykes, the program, which follows Texas youth football teams, can't win.  As awareness of concussions in sports -- particularly youth football -- is heightened, Durbin, in a letter sent [yesterday], asked the network's president to pull the show, writing that it 'sends the opposite message and exploits these children for purely entertainment purposes.

"I call on you to immediately end this shameful, dangerous display on your network' the Illinois Democrat wrote. 'With all we know about the risks of concussions in youth sports today, it is unconscionable to televise and celebrate the conduct of a league that directly endangers the health of children.' The program draws its name from the popular television series, Friday Night Lights, which followed high school football players in a small Texas town.

"Friday Night Tykes focuses on 8- to 9-year-old players on youth football teams in Texas.  Durbin said concussions in youth sports are a 'growing problem' and added the show 'glorifies a culture of violent competitiveness.'  'Coaches on Friday Night Tykes are shown screaming, "I don't care how much pain you're in, you don't quit!" and, "I want you to put it in his helmet. I don't care if he don't get up,"' the senator wrote."

So here we go. Would Dick Durbin even know about this if not for the news coverage? Just to show you how the Washington soap opera gets written.  So here we go. He doesn't even really care about it.  It's just the latest cause: Too much competitiveness! The coaches are screaming, "Don't quit!" We just can't be this rough-and-tumble with our young people.  We cannot push or children this way. 

I haven't told this story in a long time.  This would be early nineties, back in the days of Rush Limbaugh the TV show. Roger Ailes lived in a beautiful place up on the Hudson River.  He had just a beautiful place, and every Saturday afternoon during summer -- not every, but many of them -- awhole bunch of us would gather for the whole day for water volleyball and barbecue. 

While we were up in the Hudson Valley, we would be hoping that it was cold and rainy in the Hamptons. (chuckles) Anyway, every week somebody would bring somebody new as a guest, and the names of people that were at these water volleyball games, you would know them.  Mayor Giuliani was there. Many, many people. 

One Saturday -- this is after the volleyball and pretty much after the barbecue -- people are sitting around chatting. There's this 26-year-old female teacher who just starts in on how we are pushing our children too hard.  "We're just pushing competitiveness at them. We're giving them too much homework. We're giving them more than they can handle, and we're stressing them out." 

I said, "Well, what's the solution?" 

"We need to dial it back. We need to understand that children are children, and we need to let them be children." 

I said, "Well, how are they gonna grow up?" 

"That's gonna happen naturally as they get older.  That's what growing up is." 

I said, "No, it isn't.  Growing up is not just getting older.  Everybody gets older.  How are you gonna keep 'em from staying kids? What do you mean, pushing them too hard? Don't you understand? One of the reasons that you load kids down is that's the age they can do it! That's the age of unbounded energy!"

It got a knock-down, drag-out, because this teacher wanted to baby them, and giving them a lot of homework and having expectations? That was really what she thought was the punitive thing, was having expectations. 

"Whatever they did on their own, that's who they are. You shouldn't try to alter that." 

I said, "So does 2 + 2 = 5 if the kid thinks so?" 

"Well, no," and then she went into, "It's not my job to beat them over the head when they get it wrong.  They'll eventually figure it out." 

I said, "You're making the mistake of assuming they know everything, or at least much more than they do," and I asked, "Do you try to become their friend?"

"Well, you know, it really helps. It really helps teaching them if they like me and if they think that I'm on their side." 

I said, "That's not what your job is, to become their friend." 

It was an amazing thing.  I should have realized it was futile. I was on the beginning end -- well, not the beginning end. It had been going on for a while.  But that was the trend of not pushing our children, not pushing them too hard. Do not be demanding, and certainly don't raise expectations. 

I'll tell you: In my own life, I shudder to think what would have happened to me if I had not been surrounded by people who pushed me.  It was only by being pushed that I learned I was capable of more than I thought.  Anybody can quit.  Anybody can say to themselves, "That's it! I can't do anymore. That's as much as I can do." 

"Well, well, wonderful, Rushie! That's a great effort."

I had people that wouldn't put up with that. I had teachers, coaches, who said, "You never quit!" They'd push me beyond what I thought my limit was physically and intellectually, and thank God they did.  This 26-year-old teacher? No way. That was damaging. It could damage their psyche. It would lead to feelings of inferiority and inability and all that.

It was difficult for me to contain myself, 'cause I was looking at what I thought was the embodiment of how to create a soft culture right there in front of me.  In her case, it was rooted in she just couldn't stand to see discomfort or pain or any kind of what she thought was suffering in kids -- and "suffering" included being humiliated by not getting a test to answer right, or not learning something as quickly as somebody else did. 

What really was going on was, I had a conversation with teacher who basically thought that everybody ought to pretty much end up the same way.  I wasn't enough up to speed back then to realize what I was out here at the beginning of, but I'm certain now. That would have been 1992 or '93.  Now, here comes Durbin, and this is the natural growth of it, it.  "Oh, we can't have this hyper-competitiveness!

"We can't have coaches telling people just don't quit.  They could get hurt!  What do you mean, don't quit? That's just not the right message. It just isn't good!" Just typical.  It creates softness, and it creates people that end up with no confidence, and people don't learn what they're capable of doing -- and most people are not self-starters.  Most people need to be inspired.  Most people need to be pushed so that they learn what they're capable of. 

You know, one of the greatest feelings a kid can have is when he learns he's better than he thinks he is at something or when he learns there's something he can do that he didn't think he could do.  Everybody gets a big thrill out of that. That's called self-esteem, that everybody cares about. Self-esteem rising, a sense of achievement, a sense of accomplishment, and then it inspires more similar-type behavior.


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