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Rich Donors Press Dems on Climate Change...  N-Word Still Under Discussion by NFL... Sherman: Banning N-Word is Racist... De Blasio Accelerates Rich Exodus from New York...  Howard Fineman's Idiotic Oscars Tweet...

Confident Hollywood on Display at Oscars

RUSH: That group last night was very happy.  That was a very satisfied, happy group of people last night.  They were not angry about anything.  They were not fit to be tied over things.  They were not bashing political opponents.  I mean they're sitting on top of the world. They think they're winning and winning big....  There was only one moment where they were confused, only one moment where the assembly gathering didn't quite know what to do, and that was Matthew McConaughey.

An Important Liam Neeson Movie Spoiler

RUSH: Just to summarize: 150 people on a plane with an alcoholic air marshal.  The villain is a 9/11 family member upset that nothing's been none. The 9/11 family member lost somebody on 9/11, joined the military, and became disillusioned with the US military, so finally hijacks a plane for $150 million, and the hero is a Muslim doctor.


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