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Rich Donors Press Dems on Climate Change
RUSH: "Rich Donors Press Democrats on Climate Change."  The upshot is recent Democrat fundraiser at billionaire Tom Steyer's home amounted to a summit between Washington's liberal elite and San Francisco's climate intelligentsia. 

The left is very unhappy with the Democrat Party over their lack of substantive action toward climate change, and that they don't mention global warming much, and that there's no policy that's come from it. So they're threatening to withhold money, these rich libs are, unless the Dems go full bore into global warming.  The only problem is, there are public opinion polls, and the American people say, "Look, the jig is up."

The American people do not, en masse, believe this now.  The number of people that believe in manmade global warming is a dwindling few, and it's getting smaller, and that's why the Democrats are trying to focus on other things, immigration or what have you. 

N-Word Still Under Discussion by NFL
RUSH:  The issue of the N-word in the National Football League has not been dispatched yet, ladies and gentlemen.  It's still a matter under discussion.  Competition committee talking about it.  The smart money is that there will be no new penalty created for use of the N-word this year.  The league will continue to take testimony, do studies and investigations to try to determine how often it's used now and therefore how difficult it would be to stop it.  Some people don't think it should be stopped. 

Sherman: Banning N-Word is Racist
RUSH: They went and they found Richard Sherman, the cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks.  They asked him what he thought of banning the N-word in the NFL, and he said that banning the N-word would be racist.  Richard Sherman said (paraphrasing), "Look, when the brothers pronounce the N-word with an 'a' on the end of it, that's perfectly fine.  It's a term of endearment.  But if the word is pronounced, the N-word is pronounced with an 'e-r' at the end of it, then it's racist." 

What was the name of that young woman, the hero to the media for awhile -- Rachel Jeantel or something like that, she's the one that gave us this definition.  Rachel Jeantel, I think is her name.  She's the one that explained the differences between the N-word with an "a" on the end of it as opposed to an "e-r," and an "a" on the end is perfectly fine, "Hey, bro, how you doing, buddy?"  But if you pronounce it with an "e-r"  you are racist.  So I can say the N-word with the "a" on the end of it and be okay?  No, no, no, you can't.  No matter what you can't say it, no matter how you pronounce it, no matter who you say it to and no matter what circumstances. 

But the brothers, when they pronounce the N-word with the "a," perfectly fine.  When anybody else pronounces it with the "e-r," it's racist.  Sherman said that banning the word is racist itself.  Why that word?  Why not ban every cuss word?  That's racism, he said, to target that one word.  Sherman said, "It's in the locker room. It's on the field at all times.  I hear it almost every series out there on the field." 

Now, here's an interesting observation about this.  You know, folks, sometimes even when I make a joke it turns out to be oftentimes something of real substance.  Remember I said last week that if I owned an NFL team and they banned the N-word, I'm hiring a ventriloquist player.  I'm gonna get a player who's a ventriloquist who can use the word all the time, make it look like somebody else is saying it.  You know, a good ventriloquist can not only speak without moving his lips, but can also, it's called throwing your voice.  If you're talented, you can, a good ventriloquist, can make speech sound as though it's coming from somebody else's mouth. 

So I said, first thing I would do is go hire a linebacker that's a ventriloquist, and I'd have half the other team thrown out of the game by halftime.  Well, it turns out that one of the real concerns, the competition committee is looking at this, and one of the real concerns they've got is okay, you got a fumble and a mad dash to recover it, and there's a huge scrum, there's a big group of players, and they're all diving for the football, and they're all shouting, and the N-word is heard.

What if the ref thinks a white guy said it, and he didn't?  And it's time to call the penalty, and you say, "Unacceptable language, racial slur, number 55, offense."  That guy, his life is over.  Do you realize that?  If they call a guy out for using the N-word on the PA system and it goes all over the country on the telecast, and if the guy didn't do it, if the refs get the wrong guy -- you've got a group of people and all hell's breaking loose trying to recover fumble, and the N-word's uttered maybe once or twice, and the refs hear it but they hear it to the side or behind them. They don't know who, but they throw the flag anyway. What if they misidentify, and if the offending player happens to be white, he is scarred for the rest of his life. 

There's eight coaches and other type of officials in the competition committee.  All they can do is recommend rules changes.  They don't actually have the power to change rules.  They recommend 'em; the owners vote on all the rules changes.  Well, no, you wouldn't have offsetting N-words.  You wouldn't have the N-word being used cancelled because one guy on each team used it.  You'd have to find a way to penalize both guys.  Maybe you penalize one team 15 yards and the other team the other 15 yards back and you put the ball right where it was, but you still handed out the penalties.  I can see 'em doing that, strangely enough. 

But it's a good point.  And there is my ventriloquist joke actually considered as a substantive matter.  And it's also generational.  Talk to Harry Carson, number 53, linebacker, New York Giants, from the L.T. and earlier generation.  And to him, there is no N-word with the "a" on the end of it and another N-word with an "e-r." It's the whole thing and it's never permissible. And Harry Carson, he's a black guy, he says (paraphrasing), "I don't care what you tell me about these young guys and they use it all the time. It's not good. It's not right. Don't tell me about it's a changing world." 

So the opinion on this one runs the gamut, but I wanted you to know that Richard Sherman thinks that targeting the word itself is racist.

De Blasio Accelerates Rich Exodus from New York
RUSH: The mayor of New York is driving more people out of the city, the rich.  Do you remember Mayor Doomberg? I will never forget this, and I remember being somewhat shocked by it, and I know what the left is going to say if they're reminded of it.

Remember when Mayor Doomberg said that it is 5,000 wealthy families that pay 30% of the city's income tax, that it is 5,000 very wealthy families in the city that pay for all the arts, that do all the philanthropy?  Now we have learned, in addition to that, that the rich of New York -- the wealthy of New York -- are the ones funding over 22 charter schools that benefit poor minorities, and the new mayor, de Blasio, is mad. The left does not like charter schools.  Why don't they like them, Mr. Snerdley?  You tell me. (interruption)

Exactly right.  Competition for the union-based schools.  They do better than the union-based schools.  Test scores, the dropout rate. The dropout rate New York City public schools is 50% among minorities -- five-oh percent dropout rate for minorities -- including African-American, Hispanic, you name it.  So Michael Goodwin at the New York Post... (sigh) You know, I probably led this movement, moving out of there in 1998/1997 because of taxes.

I kid you not, it was Governor Paterson... Get this, now.  Governor David Paterson actually said in a press conference that if he had known he could have gotten rid of Rush Limbaugh that easily, he would have raised taxes much sooner.  Of course the press corps (clapping) applauded, thought that was just wonderful.  The piece here by Mr. Goodwin in the New York Post yesterday is that wealthy people are now literally packing up. 

There has been in the past year or so $1 billion worth of property acquisition in Florida by New Yorkers.  They are taking their tax revenue. When 5,000 families make up one-third of the tax base, and you're gonna punish them even more, and you're gonna run around saying you're not paying your fair share like de Blasio says -- and you're gonna say they need to spread even more of their wealth around -- what is gonna happen? 

They're gonna leave, and there now is an exodus that is beginning.  Goodwin says here he's found 10 wealthy people who've told him, just 10 alone who've told him that they are leaving.  He's got another anecdotal bit of evidence that others are leaving and so forth.  Now, what the left would say about this is... The logical common-sense reaction is you have New York City, eight million people, and 5,000 families...

Let's multiply that by four. So 20,000 people out of five million are doing all the philanthropy, they're building all the hospitals and the museums, and they're paying 30% of the city's tax base.  Common sense would say, "Wait a minute. That burden needs to be spread around a little bit.  That's just unfair, that 20,000 people are doing all the lifting." That's not the left's reaction.

The left's reaction is, "That few people have all that money?  We've got to take it away from 'em!"  That's how de Blasio and the liberal buddies that he has think.  "You mean 5,000 people are paying all that?  Well, they got way too much money!  De Blasio's right.  We need to tax 'em even more! We need to get more money from 'em," and they're leaving, and they're going to keep leaving -- and then what are these clowns gonna do? 


Howard Fineman's Idiotic Oscars Tweet
RUSH: Get this.  Howard Fineman is on MSNBC and he was tweeting last night during the Oscars.  Now, I know Howard Fineman.  I haven't spoken with Howard Fineman in many moons.  A little Indian lingo there.  But nevertheless, this is inane.  This is the tweet he sent.  "#AcademyAwards show diversity, tolerance, cultural creativity of US in Obama Era. Hard power matters, per Putin, but Oscars r as powerful."

Yes.  The Oscars are as powerful a force around the world as is the hard power of Vladimir Putin.  The Academy Awards shows diversity, tolerance, cultural creativity of the US, all of these gobbledygook things.  (big sigh)  I don't know.  I guess Vlad's on the run. Vlad just can't compete with the Oscars.  Well, you know what proof of it would be is that Vlad postponed the Oscar telecast in countries that he controls. 


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