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"Anybody with half an ability to be honest will tell you that Vladimir Putin, since day one, has wanted to rebuild the Soviet Union. The idea that it was ever busted up in the first place just drives them crazy. It's an insult, should never have happened, and they're gonna put it back together."

"I don't mean to shout and scare you 25-year-old girls -- women. Sorry. I'm told that happens."

"You know, I'm wondering: How many low-information voters think that slavery only lasted 12 years? I'm just asking."

"These people, who've been propping up Obama since the 2008 campaign, have known from the get-go that the man was unqualified and incompetent, did not have the experience."

"For five years, Obama has led an administration, not just on foreign policy, but more on how he thinks things ought to be than on reality. Fantasy land, living in a dream world based on a belief that this country's founding was unjust and immoral."

"Can you imagine how shocked they were when they found out how many millions of people didn't want any change in what they had? These people, I tell you, folks, are so out to lunch and out of touch, and they don't care. They're governing against the will of the people from the moment they assumed office."

"The country is now totally managed by leftist activists with no experience in running anything beyond protests. And what have they been protesting? America and the traditions and institutions which have defined America's greatness."

"Ours is a world governed by the aggressive use of force, and it always has been. It's not something specific to the Twenty-First Century. Vladimir Putin's not doing something that previous Soviet leaders have never done. The ChiCom leader is not doing something that Mao Tse-tung didn't do. There's nothing here that's new."

"The media constructed a fantasy, they plugged Obama into it, and they were off to the races."

"Why did the Iranians, practically immediately upon the election of Ronaldus Magnus, release the 54 American hostages? 'Cause they feared what Reagan was going to do."

"Do you know who destroyed Cuba? His name happened to be Fidel Castro. And the way he did it was to install communism throughout Cuba."

"I am not, nor have I advocated military action in Ukraine. That's not at all my position here. It never has been. All I'm doing is pointing out the reason this is happening is because Putin knows full well he can get away with it."

"Note to seminar callers: You see why we don't permit people to read from prepared scripts on the program. We want you to tell us what you really think, not read something that you found interesting or influential. Because nobody outside of a trained professional can read something somebody else wrote and make it sound compelling. I'm one of the few who can do it."

"These guys honestly believe -- and nobody will convince me otherwise -- people like Kerry and Obama believe their own PR. They really believe that their presence alone sends a signal to the bad guys of the world that we're not your enemy anymore. You don't have to engage in the kind of activity you're known for."


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