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Pearls of Wisdom

"Elijah Cummings' purpose was to take the spotlight off Lois Lerner and transfer it to these mean, evil Republicans. He'd use the War on Women meme if he could. He was, no doubt, coached to do that."

"Hillary Clinton is saying that Vladimir Putin is a Nazi, and Putin is saying that the Ukrainians are Nazis, and Tony Kornheiser says that the whole state of Arizona is Nazis. The only person that's not a Nazi anymore is me. This is progress, ladies and gentlemen."

"If you are Vladimir Putin and you hear the leader of the United States equate disarmament with safety, you have gotta be rubbing your hands together so fast that you can't believe your good luck."

"This is a world governed by the aggressive use of force; not doctors, nurses, and clean water. It's not governed by bipartisanship and UN resolutions and all that happy horse manure."

"Richard Nixon is falsely accused of using the IRS and sicking the IRS on his enemies. Nixon never did it. He thought about it, and he may in fact have wanted to, but he never did it. It never happened under Nixon. It did happen under Obama."

"Lois Lerner. Oh, man. You know people like that. You know liberals like that. You just do, and you know you do. Just unhappy, miserable. Everything in life is politics. Every day spent in rage and anger, plotting revenge against these evil social-conservative pro-lifers."

"I'm up for an award, best children's author. I was shocked and stunned, but I thought it was fabulous, too. I mean, who would have ever thought just two years ago. 'What are you smoking?' But I've been nominated."

"There's no question this Regime sees the Constitution as a giant obstacle. It's something they have to maneuver around. It's something they have to weaken. It's something they have to do something about."

"I am a finalist in the award for Children's Author of the Year. Is that not cool? Who would have ever thought that? "

"Encouragement. There's not enough of that going on. There's not enough inspiring going on culture-wise in our society. There's too much pessimism, victimization, too much explanation, justification for failing."

"Does anybody know if Ronan Farrow has written a children's book? 'Cause if he has, I don't have a chance. But if he hasn't, I could be in there."

"They kept TV cameras out of courtrooms for the longest time for a reason. They kept them out of the Senate longer than the House. You put a camera somewhere, and you artificially change what otherwise would happen."

"I've said this countless times. If I could wave my magic wand and have people understand what liberalism is and what one is, they'd be finished."

"I believe that an informed public is the solution. And like Hillsdale believes, the more people know the Constitution, the better. I believe in an informed, educated, and participating public."

"The Tea Party people are the salt of the earth. The Tea Party is the backbone of this country."


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