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Good Canadian TV Show "Motive" Airs on Thursdays

RUSH: For some reason I'm thinking it's Thursday today, buts it's not. It's Wednesday. It's hump day. And the reason I'm thinking it's Thursday is 'cause there's a great TV show that airs in Canada, and it premiers tomorrow. It's the second season called Motive. ABC ran it in the late spring and summer, and it's a reverse crime show. I keep thinking it's debuting tonight and I'm gonna be able to watch it because I have access to Canadian TV shows. I'm a powerful, influential member of the media. And then I said, no, it's not tonight, it's tomorrow night. So I'm running a day ahead just on eager anticipation.

NJ Teen Sues Parents

RUSH: Then we got this teenager in New Jersey who left home because she claims when she turned 18, her parents kicked her out.  She's now suing them for tuition and room and board and everything that she would get if she still stayed or lived at home.  Now, her parents are saying that they didn't kick her out, that she left.  The case has gone to court, and the judge is telling the girl -- she's 18 -- don't hold out a lot of hope here.  This is sorts of unprecedented, a kid suing the parents, but, I mean, doesn't it fit right in with where we're headed here.  Somebody's gonna take care of me.

A friend of mine, I don't have permission to use his name, but you would all recognize his name if I told you, said to me, just telling me a story, he grew up in Ohio and about a month from his 18th birthday his dad came to him, "So, what are you gonna do?"  And the guy said, "Get a job, go to school."  He said, "Well, you can't live here.  What are your plans?"  His dad kicked him out at 18.  At 18 he was an adult, he was on his own.  Just the way it was.  This man's now in his seventies, and I'm fascinated by generational shift and changes and all of that.  This suing of the parents, it's fascinating.  


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