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"The Congressional Black Caucasians want Darrell Issa stripped of his committee chairmanship because he was mean to Little Elijah yesterday. You see how this works? The whole point of that hearing was to get to the bottom of what Lois Lerner did in using the IRS to sabotage the Tea Party, and what has it become? Darrell Issa is a big meanie!"

"The left really does not believe in the all American dream. It's not that they don't even believe it; they advocate against it."

"I like to always find ways to put things in perspective that might be persuasive."

"We have a top KGB officer, Vladimir Putin, versus a failed community organizer, Barack Obama. Who do you think is gonna come out on top on this?"

"What has been Obama's boldest move so far? To give the Ukrainian government a billion dollars. Ostensibly loan guarantees, but it's a handout. That billion dollars is gonna end up in Putin's back pocket."

"The Cadillac ad tells us that people with money do not want little bitty hybrids and lawn mowers with seats on them. This ad tells us that people with money want comfortable, sexy luxury cars -- and I'll tell you what else this ad tells us. Cadillac sees the enthusiasm for the Tesla. This Cadillac is 75 grand in this ad, and Teslas are going into six figures."

"I think the way to understand Ukraine is to boil it down to its essence, to step back and think about what we are witnessing. This is ACORN vs. the KGB."

"We do have some serious rain coming, but it's not anything out of the ordinary. 'Should we send the staff home early? Oh, God, oh, God.' Go ahead, if it makes you feel better, absolutely. I'm just giving a preview of tonight's local news here in West Palm Beach."

"Don't feel guilty about improving your life. Don't feel guilty about wanting a Cadillac, an electric Cadillac. Don't feel guilty about this."

"Why are we looking to Europe for guidance? They take the month of August off, there's 14% unemployment, and they're welfare states. They sit around and they move at a leisurely pace. They can't defend themselves. They rely on us for that. What in the world is there to model ourselves after?"

"The Democrats power base is rooted in the failures and victims of our society. And they are trying to create even more of them."

"As far as the Democrat Party and the American left are is concerned, the enemy are the successful, the enemy is those who are achieved. The enemy is the philosophy that undergirds the American dream. It's called consumerism and capitalism and it's supposedly void of any real meaning and no values."

"I don't look at what I do as work. I absolutely love it. I've always worked hard, and I absolutely love it, and I am thankful as I can be that I found what I love. I'm ecstatic I found my passion. I describe it as doing what I was born to do. I'm one of the lucky few, apparently, who found what that is, and, by the way, not an insignificant part, a way to get paid for doing it."

"I am never wrong when I predict what a liberal is gonna do, never wrong. I would never vote for one, I don't care who."

"The dirty little secret is, everybody wants stuff. It's just that some people are happier if it's given to them, than having to work for it. Hard work is always gonna be a tougher sell than getting gifts. But it makes for a better culture, country, and society over all."

"If you watch this and if you have any understanding at all of what you're watching, House of Cards is devastating to liberalism. It just destroys it."

"Scott Walker has correctly identified who these undecideds are and what it takes to reach them, and he's proven he knows how to do it."


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