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Big Blob of Yellow and Green Rain Heading for EIB Southern Command

RUSH:  So you got the hatches battened down out there?  I mean, we have a major, major weather front moving in here.  I mean, we may have to leave the state.  It's gonna really rain out there.  Yeah, looking on the radar, we got rain coming.  Might have to shut things down.  There's even the possibility of a tornado.  We should leave. We gotta be safe.  Anyway, I'm just giving a preview of tonight's local news here in West Palm Beach.  We do have some serious rain coming, but it's not anything out of the ordinary.  It's rain.  But there's all kinds of panic, "Should we send the staff home early? Oh, God, oh, God." Go ahead, if it makes you feel better, absolutely.  

Congressional Black Caucasians Want Issa Thrown Off Committee

RUSH:  Well, look at this, look at this.  The Congressional Black Caucasians want Darrell Issa stripped from his committee chairmanship because he was mean to Little Elijah yesterday.  You see how this works?  The whole point of that hearing was to get to the bottom of what Lois Lerner did in using the IRS to sabotage the Tea Party, and what has it become? 

"Darrell Issa is a big meany! He's a typical Republican -- racist, sexist, bigot -- and he was mean! He wouldn't let Little Elijah talk," and so now the Congressional Black Caucasians are demanding that Darrell Issa be kicked off the committee, or at least his chairmanship be taken away from him -- and so the mission is complete.

It's no longer about Lois Lerner are the IRS.  It's about what a mean man Darrell Issa is.  It's how it works.  See, folks, at some point we're gonna have to be able to get more and more people to be able to see through this on their own as it is happening, and that's why I keep harping on instructing people about liberalism ideology.  

If it had been the other way around, if Little Elijah had refused to let Issa speak, he would be a hero in the media. Not just on the fringe leftist blogs, he'd be a hero in the media.  If there are Republican witnesses up there that they wanted to get the low down on, if Lois Lerner were a Republican, they would not allow the focus of this to be taken away from that.  That's good point.  

Is House of Cards a Conservative Show?

RUSH:  Here's what Andrew Klavan wrote.  He was writing about the Netflix series House of Cards, and he claims if you watch this and if you have any understanding at all of what you're watching, House of Cards is devastating to liberalism.  It just destroys it because "the central flaw of leftism is not its ceaseless cynicism about business, individualism, religion, or the common man -- it’s that its cynicism evaporates into unicorn-and-rainbow stupidity when it comes to government. Insurance companies are too greedy to handle health care, but not the government. Individuals are too reckless to own guns, but not the government. Religion is too corrupt to preach morals, but not the government. The people are too foolish to know their own good," but not Uncle Sugar.  Uncle Sugar knows what's best for everybody.  "It’s no wonder some conservatives think leftists are all evil tyrants. It’s easier than believing they could really be such knuckleheads."

We've interviewed Klavan at the Limbaugh Letter before.  He's a contributing writer for the City Journal.  He's a novelist.  I think he's done some screenplays for Hollywood.  But he's writing specifically, he said, this is what you're gonna learn.  What is the House of Cards' demo?  These are all leftists, by the way.  Do you watch House of Cards?  Have you watched it?  Oh, gee, you haven't?  You don't have Netflix?  Oh.  See, how could we work around that?  Blah, blah, blah, blah.  There is a way. 

Anyway, I'm not sure I subscribe to this theorem, but there are some who believe that the lead characters are modeled after Bill and Hillary, Frank and Claire Underwood, Kevin Spacey and Robin Wright.  They are basically in a loveless marriage, but it's really close. They're close companions. They're oriented politically perfectly, and they're mean, they're vicious.  The point is, the government is the most corrupt, the last place that you would want to put any trust at all as portrayed by this program.  And yet, liberals and leftists consider it capable of doing no wrong.  

We'll Discuss the Teenager Suing Her Parents Tomorrow, We Hope

RUSH: Folks, look, I'm gonna do it again.  I'd rather get some phone calls here than do this teenager story. It's gonna be there tomorrow, and it may be old news tomorrow. But it isn't old news until I have weighed in on it, and I haven't yet.  So I'm gonna put it aside, go back to 


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