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"The IRS scandal is all about the Tea Party being silenced. That's the whole point of the scandal: silencing hundreds of Tea Party groups via the IRS. Elijah Cummings, he doesn't have any problem with that."

"We are being told, ladies and gentlemen, that Obama so far has had a 90-minute phone call and a 60-minute phone call with Vladimir Putin. It's probably wrong, but I can't help but wonder what Bill Clinton would have been doing during those phone calls."

"The Drive-By Media must really want the Republicans to win, right? And they must really want Christie to be the next president, because that's the way they're portraying the guy."

"Who was it that did not have a single opportunity to vote on Obamacare? The Republicans had nothing to do with it."

"Vladimir Pozner. It's funny to watch people get older. He looks unthreatening. I haven't seen him on TV for 20 years. He had hair then."

"I asked our last caller to hang on because I wasn't through answering his question. He either didn't hear me, or we hung up on him and I'm being lied to when I'm told he hung up. (laughing)"

"The bottom line is, no matter where you go where in the media, Governor Christie is back. He is on top. Bridgegate is history. He cleaned Ted Cruz's clock. He cleaned Marco Rubio's clock. He cleaned everybody's clock, and he lectured those conservatives, and he told 'em you can't just run around complaining and whining. You better be for something."

"The selfishness of the Baby Boomers -- I think it's fascinating that these Millennials are now focusing on that while at the same time expecting to be totally supported."

"No, in fact, I'm probably one of the quietest, speak only when spoken to, and probably one of the most humble, unassuming people that you would ever meet. And my guess is, in truth, that you would be disappointed."

"You used to have massive amounts of choice in any number of walks of life, and they're evaporating left and right in favor of mandated controls from the government."

"Jobs was a pure capitalist in a liberal body. He managed to convince the American left that he was one of them while he is out there kicking capitalist butt day in and day out, unapologetically. He was totally oriented toward money, totally oriented profit, totally oriented innovation, totally, totally, totally."


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