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Mac Pro Gets in Way of Show Prep

RUSH:  The reason I was distracted, we had a guy call here, I don't know, couple weeks ago. He had heard me say that I had one of these new Mac Pros, and he thought he had heard me urge people not to get one. I did not say that, but it was curious that that was his take-away.  So I thought maybe I need to re-explain what happened.  I do have the new Mac Pro and it's a fabulous machine. I don't want to go too tech here, but you really have to, depending on how you use the computer, make sure you get the right processor for it or a much cheaper machine could actually be faster if you don't use a lot of video and graphics. 

Anyway, Apple had not made, they have not manufactured a Retina display for the Mac Pro.  You have to go out and buy your own monitor for it.  They've got a 27-inch display that's not Retina, but they're also selling a 4K display, which, with the proper scaling, is Retina.  But the thing is, it didn't come with the proper scaling.  And so the best scaling, the best resolution, everything is too tiny on the screen to use it regularly.  You have to set a different screen resolution size, and the resolution is horrible. So I've been waiting for them to patch this.  And they did.  And for me, the patch doesn't work.  And I've been trying to make it work all morning. 

Look, the only thing you need to know here -- I'm just trying to explain why I've been distracted.  There are four different resolution settings, including the default.  The default, which they claim is best for display, is the one that's too small and you need a microscope, magnifying glass to see it.  The next setting up is almost a perfect size, it's 20% too big, but the pixel resolution is absolutely just -- now, this is beta and I'm sure they're gonna get it right.  I'm not complaining.  I've been trying to make it work. So I've been doing show prep and working on that.

I love this stuff, but time flies when you're trying to fix this stuff. So I find myself here in a little bit of a distracted sense, but now it's time for laser focus.  I'm sure they're gonna get this right.  It's what beta software is for.  I just had my hopes up real high.  They will eventually get it right.  

Vladimir Pozner Looks Good Bald

RUSH:  Is that Vladimir Pozner up there on CNN on the right talking to Wolf Blitzed?  Is that? He's bald now.  I guess that happens to people, but... (interruption) Well, yeah, he actually looks good there.  That is Vladimir Pozner.  You know, he and Phil Donahue, they were best buds.  Remember that?  They were inseparable best buds.  This was before... It was just me. Fox News hadn't started yet, but there was MSNBC

It was America's Talking, I think, and Donahue had his show on there at night, and these guys talked about me every night. I even went on a couple of times, and Pozner asked me a question about something, and I answered it, and he said, "You can't answer it that way.  You simply can't. It doesn't work! You can't answer it like that." I don't remember what it was about, but of course he was dead wrong; he was just trying to intimidate me. 

"You can't answer it that way."  It was about the dialectic of the Soviet Union, "two steps forward, one step back."  What days those were.  I was on the Donahue show that one time and so forth.  Vladimir Pozner.  It's funny to watch people gets older. He looks unthreatening. I haven't seen him on TV for 20 years. He had hair then. (interruption) Yeah, I know.  He said, "Politicians lie." He was asked about Putin.

He said, "Politicians lie. It's the name of the game." 

Poll Shows People Want Keystone Pipeline

RUSH: Look at the Keystone pipeline.  There's an ABC News/Washington Post poll showing the vast majority of people want this.  They want it okayed.  They know it means cheaper gasoline prices.  But it's not gonna happen because of Obama.  


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