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Guest Host Mark Steyn

"Most of the US tax code is a vile abomination that no person can understand." -Mark Steyn

Crisis in Ukraine

"These telephones that Obama and David Cameron were speaking on in these pictures, you can't buy them in the store. They're telephones that only exist for the purpose of world leader, serious phone call photo-ops. They're those old, heavy telephones with the cord. When Obama really talks to Cameron, he's using his cellphone on the golf course." -Mark Steyn    

"USA Today reports that President Obama spent two days in Key Largo, 'a weekend of relaxation, golf, and calling world leaders about the Russian incursion into Ukraine.'  Doesn't that sound like the perfect weekend package we've all been looking for? Join us for two days of fine dining, dancing, margaritas by the pool, and the occasional report on protestors being shot in the Crimea, while you're enjoying an aromatherapy seaweed wrap in our exclusive beach cabins wafted by ocean breezes." -Mark Steyn

"Obama doesn't think it's any of our business to stand up for the freedom of people in Ukraine, even though we promised them that we would in two agreements.  Bill Clinton and Obama reaffirmed it in 2009. We promised them that, if they would gut their army, gut their military, get rid of their nukes, that we would protect their borders.  What country's ever going to believe us again?" -Rush

IRS Scandal Distractions: Global Warming and Racism

"These Democrat senators are going to stay up all night talking about climate change, which used to be called global warming. It's all about misdirection, about creating an alternative reality that Democrats can ride to victory as they see it in this November's elections." -Mark Steyn   

RushLimbaugh.com: Democrats Accuse Issa of Racism to Distract from Lois Lerner and IRS Scandal

"Darrell Issa has been working with these Democrats in the House, for I don't know how many years, and nobody has ever accused him of racism.  The Reverend Jackson has tweeted that he thought it was really mean what Darrell Issa did, and he said it was racist.  Which is about the only thing Jesse Jackson can say anymore that will make people stop and listen." -Rush

"Upskirting" is Now Illegal in MA

"If a government cannot tax fairly, it cannot do anything fairly." -Mark Steyn   

"America has the highest corporate tax rate in the developed world. All of the places that America thinks of as socialist basket cases have significantly lower corporate taxes than the United States. Federal regulation alone consumes 10% of GDP. That's just federal regulation, before you add in state and municipal and all the rest of it." -Mark Steyn   

More Stories Discussed on Today's Program...

"So I was 'tootling' down the interstate the other day, and I heard Rush talking about CNN cancelling this bloke called Piers Morgan, and Rush said that Americans don't want to listen to some foreigner with a snotty accent telling them everything that's wrong with their country. That's why here at the Excellence in Broadcasting Network, we have quality controls on our guest-hosted programs to ensure that can never happen here." -Mark Steyn    


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